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These lessons are designed for earth science, biology, and mathematics students in middle and high school classrooms, though extension suggestions for older and younger students will allow you to adapt each lesson for younger and older audiences. The lessons are designed to complement the Living Edens: Ngorongoro program; each lesson will indicate clips from the program that focus on the topic at hand, though the lessons function equally well as stand-alone content.

Ngorongoro: A Cheetah Speedway
In Ngorongoro, the cheetah hunts at fantastically high speeds. With this lesson, students will learn how the cheetah's body has adapted to high-speed hunting, and then play the Cheetah Chase Challenge, a mathematical predator vs. prey race.

Ngorongoro: Scavengers, Always Picking Up After Someone
The Ngorongoro ecosystem is comprised of a delicate balance of mutually dependent living creatures, including herbivores, carnivores, and scavengers. With this lesson, students investigate this ecosystem before performing their own experiments on decomposition with fruit shish kebabs.

About the Author
Mark Moss: Mark has a Master of Science in Environmental Studies as an environmental education consultant in Southern California developing environmental education programs, curriculum, and supplemental materials for children and adults. Career highlights for Mark have included managing a team of 15 artists to design and construct state-of-the-art exhibits for a regional water education center, developing an environmental careers internship program that pairs disadvantaged high school students with adult mentors currently working in the environmental field, and writing a water resources guide for middle school students and teachers. Recently, Mark contributed to the development of an air pollution education curriculum that will soon be available to middle schools. Mark lives with his wife, a kindergarten teacher, and two sons, three years old and three months old. Mark enjoys kayaking, the beach and seeing the world through his sons' eyes.

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