The Living Edens companion Web sites hold many resources for teachers. Each program has a listing of resources that enhance the content that was provided in the program. Classroom activities and guides are provided for each area. Teachers from around the country are called in to help create fun and interesting guides for all teachers. Regions covered include: Anamalai, Bhutan, Borneo, Canyonlands, Costa Rica, Denali, Etosha, Glacier Bay, Kakadu, Kamchatka, Madagascar, Manu, Namib, Ngorongoro, Palau, Patagonia, South Georgia Island, Tasmania and Yellowstone.
Anamalai: India's Elephant Mountain Anamalai is home to Asia's gentle giant, the elephant. Lesson topics: Hinduism, the effect of people on the environment, and flying lizards.
Bhutan, The Last Shangri-La Visit Bhutan, a Buddhist Himalayan kingdom shrouded in mystery. Lesson topics: Buddhism and ecology, environmental issues, water forces in the kingdom and more.
Canyonlands: America's Wild West The wilds of Canyonlands, a stunning region in the American west, offer ample opportunities for learning. Lesson topics: adaptation, creative writing, erosion, nocturnal animals.
Borneo, Island in the Clouds Head to Borneo, an island that teems with exotic plant and animal life. Lesson topics: Echolocation, relative humidity and more.
Costa Rica, Land of Pure Life Costa Rica is overflowing with stunning flora and fauna. Lesson topics: Frog reproduction, soil formation in volcanos.
Denali, Alaska's Great Wilderness Discover Mt. Denali, North America's tallest mountain and one of the coldest peaks on the planet. Lesson topics: weather, maps, predator/prey relationships and more.
Etosha, Africa's Untamed Wilderness Travel to South Africa's Etosha, a vast and ancient land of seasonal paradox. Lesson topics: animal camouflage and adaptation, weather patterns and more.
Glacier Bay, Alaska's Wild Coast Journey northward to the pristine ice world of Alaska's Glacier Bay. Lesson topics: working as a ranger, national park management, budgeting.
Kakadu, Australia's Ancient Wilderness Journey to Kakadu, a wondrous cultural and wildlife preserve in northern Australia with weather so extreme, it merits six seasons. Lesson topics: lightning safety, animal behavior, and weather and wildlife.
Kamchatka: Siberia's Forbidden Wilderness The lessons are designed to complement the Living Edens: Kamchatka program; each lesson will indicate clips from the program that focus on the topic at hand, though the lessons function equally well as stand-alone content. Lesson topics: geysers and salmon migration.
Madagascar, A World Apart Venture 300 miles off Africa's eastern coast to Madagascar and discover why 80% of its animals and plants exist nowhere else on earth. Lesson topics: eagle wing span, lemur jumping ability, creative writing and more.
Manu, Peru's Hidden Rainforest Discover the warlike Yura Indian community that kept outsiders from entering the northern boundary of Manu National Park for the last 60 years. Lesson topics: deadly frogs, regional weather, endangered species and more.
Namib, Africa's Burning Shore Africa's Burning Shore
Discover Namib, a two thousand kilometer strip of land where the cold Atlantic sea and the searing Namibian desert join. Lesson topics: weather patterns, deserts, mammal hierarchy and more.
Ngorongoro, Africa's Cradle of Life Discover Ngorongoro Crater, one of the true wonders of the world. Lesson topics: speedy cheetahs and scavengers.
Palau, Paradise of the Pacific Journey east of India and Indonesia and observe the abundant marine life of Palau. Lesson topics: coral reef identification, marine life adaptation, symbiosis and more.
Patagonia, Life at the End of the Earth Explore Patagonia, a land of wonders at the end of the earth where nature is at its most pristine and desolate. Lesson topics: predator/prey relationships, wildlife populations, the science of glaciers and more.
South Georgia Island, Paradise of Ice Visit this imposing, 106-mile expanse of ice-capped mountains endures storm winds that exceed 120 miles per hour. Lesson topics: wind chill and the food web.
Tasmania, Land of the Devils Tasmania teems with strange wildlife that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Lesson topics: light refraction and fish.
Yellowstone, America's Sacred Wilderness Yellowstone is one of America's most beautiful national parks, and the perfect place to put on your thinking cap. Lesson topics: geology, mythology, biology.
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