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The Living Edens South Georgia Island: Paradise of Ice Purchase Video

NOVA Online: Warnings from the Ice
Check out this truly "cool" site that examines the potential global impact of melting ice sheets. Learn what ice can tell us about past, present and future climate trends, discover fascinating facts about the Antarctic, and find out what's it's like to live and work in Antarctica.

PBS Scienceline: Focus on Antarctica
The Scienceline Web site -- which offers an array of professional resources and information for K-12 science teachers -- turns the spotlight on Antarctica, offering links to relevant educational web sites, daily facts about the continent, and a guest article written by a science teacher who recently traveled to Antarctica with a research team.

NOVA Online: Cracking the Ice Age
Enter the deep freeze with this site from Nova Online, and discover what scientists think caused the Ice Age. Check out the "hot science" feature to find out why the continents appear to be still on the move.

Kratts' Creatures: Creature World: Antarctica
Kids can check out The Kratts' Creatures Web site which introduces children and the adults who care for them to many of the amazing creatures in Antarctica.

Newton's Apple: Antarctica I and II and
Antarctica activity guides for school or home can be found at the Newton's Apple Web site. Students can learn why scientists go to Antarctica and why this cold continent is important to the rest of the Earth.

Virtual Antarctica
Take a virtual expedition to Antarctica at this site from Terraquest, which provides maps, itinerary, equipment and plenty of information about the area's science, history and ecology.

Antarctica Online
Access news, science, conservation, voyage descriptions and other educational information at this site hosted by the Australian Antarctic Program.

British Antarctic Survey
Peruse scientific research, data and official statements from the British Antarctic Survey. The organization is responsible for nearly all of the British government's research in the Antarctic, South Georgia, and the South Sandwich Islands.

The South Atlantic and Sub-Antarctic Islands
Dive into this extensive site for a look at South Georgia Island and its neighbors. Antarctic enthusiast Paul Carroll gives an informed glimpse into flora and fauna, geography, history, and even provides an analysis of the area's legacy of whaling and sealing.

Live from Antarctica 2
Learn about the region at this NASA-sponsored educational site, with materials such as teacher's guides, e-mail discussion lists, researcher Q&A, video scripts and an extensive image archive.

Encyclopedia Antarctica
Link and learn about anything Antarctic, from penguins to people to politics.

Gateway to Antarctica
Access images, news, history and other educational information about the Antarctic region.


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