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Going Places: Yellowstone in Winter

In this program, "Going Places" takes viewers on a winter trip to Yellowstone National Park and Jackson, Wyoming, after the summer tourists have vanished and the always spectacular scenery has taken on a haunting, surreal quality. The web site includes maps of Yellowstone and Jackson, as well as tips from locals about where to stay and what to do when you visit.

Nature: Yellowstone Otters
In this installment of the "Nature" series, meet some of Yellowstone's most rambunctious, playful residents and learn how they survive the park's brutal winters. Also discover the subterranean hot springs that make Yellowstone a bed of geothermal activity.

The Snow Wolves
In this natural history documentary, filmmaker John Howe examines how gray wolves were successfully reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park while also providing an intimate portrait of wolf behavior, communication, and habitat. The site includes a script of the film, an image gallery, and RealAudio wolf howls.


Yellowstone: The National Park Service

The National Park Service's official Yellowstone web site is among the most comprehensive national park sites online. It includes in-depth information about the wildlife, places to see, highlights of the park, camping, local lodging, virtual panoramas, webcams, and everything and anything else one might need to know about one of America's shining recreational gems.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker
Yellowstone Wolf Tracker is "a repository of experiences and information about wild gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park. In 1995, endangered gray wolves were restored to the nation's first national park after more than 60 years absence. The event has been hailed the conservation achievement of the century and has sparked an amazing chain of events that has expanded [the] knowledge of wolves and affirmed [the role of people] as ecological caretakers in our nation's premier wildlife sanctuary."

Yellowstone Fires and Their Legacy
Idaho's Post Register Online provides an in-depth account of the tumultuous Yellowstone fires of 1988 on its web site. The 10-part series chronicles the fires as they affected people in and around the park, from early, misplaced optimism about stopping them to a final summation of their affect on the ecosystem.

The Yellowstone Journal
Founded by Wyoming-born Shelli Johnson, the Yellowstone Journal is an independent newspaper that attempts "to provide fans of and visitors to Yellowstone with in-depth, interesting and up-to-date information about the nation's first national park and all of its features." Are they successful? Judge for yourself.

The Yellowstone Association
The web site of the Yellowstone Association, a non-profit organization that provides educational services to Yellowstone National Park, "includes an online bookstore containing the world's largest selection of Yellowstone-related books, maps, videos, educational posters, and games." In addition, the site also offers the Yellowstone Association Institute field school catalog of courses, just in case you're looking to educate yourself about the park.

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