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Islam, Empire of Faith: The Messenger
Vocabulary Sheet

Match the terms below with their definitions.

f  .1 oasis
a  .2 nomad
l  .3 tribe
g  .4 idol
b  .5 bazaar
m  .6 pilgrimage
n  .7 Koran
h  .8 monotheism
c  .9 Islam
o  .10 Muslim
q  .11 Mosque
p  .12 Sunna
i  .13 caliph
d  .14 council
t  .15 Shiite
s  .16 Sunni
r  .17 Muhammad
u  .18 Allah
j  .19 muezzin
e  .20 Kaaba
k  .21 Hegira
  1. A member of a group that has no fixed home and moves from place to place
  2. An open-air market with shops and goods for sale
  3. A religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad
  4. An assembly called to help determine the next Muslim caliph
  5. Square building in Mecca believed by Muslims to be the house Ibrahim erected for God and the focus of Muslim worship
  6. A small area in the desert watered by springs and wells
  7. An image used as an object of worship
  8. The belief that there is only one God
  9. The civil and religious ruler of a Muslim state
  10. One that calls Muslim worshippers to prayer
  11. Muhammad's emigration with his followers from Mecca to Medina in 622.
  12. Any system of social organization made up of villages, bands, or other groups with a common ancestry, language, culture, and name
  13. A journey to a sacred place or shrine
  14. The sacred book of Islam
  15. A believer in Islam
  16. Customary procedures of living, specifically the ways and customs of Muhammad
  17. A place of Muslim worship
  18. Founder of Islam, prophet of God
  19. One who follows the way s and customs of Muhammad, specifically those who accept that authority was passed down through consensus of the Muslim community
  20. From the Arabic "party;" one who believes that authority passed from the Prophet Muhammad to his lineal descendants
  21. Arabic word for God


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