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Street vendors
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A Street Vendor


To accomodate the growing traffic on the Tokaido Road during the 18th century, street vendors set up portable stalls offering a variety of goods. Vendors called out to passing pedestrians, hoping to catch their attention with distinctive sing-song phrases. Peddlers strolled through the crowds with goods on their backs, selling things that a traveler might find useful such as straw hats, sandals, tea, tobacco and old kimonos. At night, food stands were set up offering soba noodles, sushi and tempura (particular favorites of the day).

As the popularity of travel grew, guidebooks and prints acted as travel guides for the literate populace.

Top: Street vendors on the Tokaido Road/Tokaido Hiroshige Museum
Left: Street vendor/Shunji Jonoshita

Street vendor

On the Tokaido Road
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