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   Tiberius finally becomes Emperor

Tiberius finally becomes Emperor
  29 AD - Plots against Tiberius.
Tiberius fears that Agrippina wants to depose him so that she can become empress or have one of her sons become emperor. With the support of Sejanus and the Senate, he banishes Agrippina and her sons Nero and Drusus. Sejanus supports him because it helps clear the field for him to succeed Tiberius.

30 or 33 AD - Jesus crucified.
The teachings of Jesus outrage religious leaders, but also threatens to disrupt the fragile political stability imposed by Rome. Jesus is arrested in Jerusalem by the Jewish authorities on a charge of treason and political subversion, and is handed over to the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate. Although Pilate is willing to release him, fears of a riot and political repercussions compels him to send Jesus to his death.
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