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  Tiberius' reign turns violent

Tiberius' reign turns violent
  31 AD - Tiberius orders Senate to execute Sejanus.
Tiberius discovers that Sejanus is plotting to overthrow him. On October 18, he writes to the Senate denouncing Sejanus, who is then arrested and condemned to death. That evening, Sejanus is strangled and his body thrown on the Gemoniae steps in Rome, where the mob tear it to pieces. Many of the friends and allies of Sejanus are executed or commit suicide after his fall. His three children are also executed.

33 AD - Death of Agrippina.
Unable to overcome his mistrust of Agrippina and her sons, Tiberius either puts them to death or drives them to suicide. Agrippina's third son, Gaius, is considered too young to be dangerous and escapes his brothers' fate. However, he is kept a virtual prisoner in the emperor's place of retreat at Capri.
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