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Classroom Activities

Dear Educator,

On these pages you will find a variety of activities designed to help you use "A Falconer's Memoir" and other resources in the classroom. Viewing of "A Falconer's Memoir" with your students may be used as a springboard for these activities and the program will provide a background and stimulus for the suggested units of study. The activities have been developed for use with grades 6-12, as indicated on each activity; however, each may be adapted for younger students as well.

Each activity includes the same components:

Overview of the topic

Objective(s) of the activity



Description of the activity

Standards correlations (Compiled from McREL standards documents.)

Related web links are provided throughout the description of the activity.

The activities are organized under 2 main headings as follows:


Shaping the Earth

Human Migration

Cultures Collide


Hunter and Prey "In the News"


Please take some time to look at the other sections of this web site. They will provide more detailed background information for using the activities and will give your students an excellent overall picture of the program prior to or after viewing "A Falconer's Memoir."

These activities were developed by Elaine Larson, Director of Educational Services at SD Public Broadcasting.


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