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"Operation Iraqi Freedom has made America a safer place."

This discussion was active from June 29-July 8, 2004.
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Total # of Responses: 72 - 7/6/04
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Sandra, TN Strongly Agree

... america has become the most despised country ...

June 29,2004

on the contrary, america has become the most despised country by hiding behind the war or terrorism to steal the resources of the iraqi people. pre bush's thinly disquised plan to not only steal from iraqi as well as the american people. funding a billion dollar war while his friends and collegues become filthy rich as the billions of taxpayer dollars eventually end up in the pockets of donald rumsfeld, dick cheney, and the phramacutal companies and jobs are exported, raping the economy.

Fred, TX Strongly Agree

... Islam is the evil threat ...

June 29,2004

No one is saying it but many are thinking it. Terrorism is based in a religious idelology who's agenda is world domination. This religious faction not only directed 9/11 but is directing terrorism around the world. Pres. Bush has thaken the leed to stop it's aggression and the rest of the world including all Americans better wake up to this reality and take a stand now before it is too late to diffuse it. Islam is the evil threat like it or not.

Donald, WI Strongly Agree

... it certainly had the seeds to develop ...

June 29,2004

I believe the efforts made in Iraq have had an influence on stifling the possibilities of other attacks in our own nation. I do believe that there was always the potential for creation of weapons of mass destruction because of the people that Saddam Hussein had as his advisors. If there was no link to Al Quaeda at the time, it certainly had the seeds to develop.

Leroy, IL Strongly Agree

... the U.S. will act and will pay the high cost of fr ...

June 29,2004

The safety in indirect, it is not direct as in homeland security (because that is incapable of making us safe through public means). By indirect it is the fear that the U.S. will act and will pay the high cost of freedom. We were not misled. The attrocities of Sadam were real. With a population of children in want and need they can see nothing other than opportunity to join terrorism. When Bryant makes the point of there not being a connection between 9/11 and Iraq, he is wrong because as Dickens said in "Christmas Carol," beware the children "need and want." Without want, Alkida could not have been formed. Without Sadam, need and want, the situations of the world would not have been so accentuated that 911 occured.

Richard, TX Strongly Disagree

... I'll bet that our allies haven't forgotten! ...

June 29,2004

Americans may forget the high degree of arrogance with which the White House dealt our allies in 2002-03, but, I'll bet that our allies haven't forgotten!

Jay Alexan, FL Strongly Disagree

... we have created a hydra with many heads ...

June 29,2004

NO way, we have created a hydra with many heads that can and will cause us harm within and out

David, UT Strongly Disagree

... we have squandered our major alies trust ...

June 29,2004

There is little doubt we have alienated more of the people that have a concern about our motives in operating in the middle east and other parts of the world. In addition, we have squandered our major alies trust and concern for all Americans after 9-11 and much of the past 50 years.

Terry, VA Strongly Disagree

... Our actions have incited more terrorism ...

June 29,2004

Our actions have incited more terrorism,not less.

Pt, NC Strongly Disagree

... the US is a lot less safe now ...

June 29,2004

Operation Iraqi freedom has made the US a lot less safe and shown the US to be liars about the real reason for attacking Iraqi. There were no WMD but we killed some 3000 Iraqis civilians on the ground, in order to capture one man,Saddam, who had no connection to Al Queda. The US shows itself as a mighty country willing to force its will on any country with a small army. The US should have been truthful and should be truthful now. But with the our US might and our US money we continue to force our will around the globe, wherever the US wants.

Of greatest shame, it that for two years the US stole the rights of people and held them as detainees in Guantanomo Bay and held these detainess without charges and without access of lawyers. Some were guilty but most were innocent detainees. Yet we shout the rhetoric of "democracy". The world sees through our double-talk. All of this at the cost of nearly $4 billion per month and over 900 US soldiers lives lost and counting!

Yes, the US is a lot less safe now and everyone knows how the US operates to get what the US wants.


Ben, IL Strongly Agree

... Saddam's regime has had strong ties with Al Queid ...

June 29,2004

Bush has made the correct move in going to war against Iraq. It is another step in the warror against terror. Even Tenet has admitted that Saddam's regime has had strong ties with Al Queida.

Nancy, WI Strongly Disagree

... the media have been buying into the the administra ...

June 29,2004

I am so depressed about the conclusion of the hosts of this program. They were shocked, SHOCKED, that most Americans believe in the connection between Iraq and Al Quida (sp?). Why can't the hosts admit that THEY are the problem? As far as I can determine, most all of the media, including, sadly, PBS, have been buying into the the administration's spin on this issue. You are not doing your job. You are not being responsible journalists unless you follow up on this misconception, admit your mistakes, and loudly present the evidence and the truth.

Janet Gran, FL Strongly Disagree

... Bush arrogantly saw himself superior ...

June 29,2004

Bush thought we would be welcomed and arrogantly saw himself superior w/o need to cooperate with the the world community. Culturally and idealogically we hav'nt had a clue how the Middleast thinks and operates.or how to communicate with these people..esp. our young soldiers sent over there w/o adequate training for this mission. The few people who have strong understanding of this part of the world were not a part of this decision. "You got to know the territory" (from the "Music Man')

John, WI Strongly Disagree

... has Rice read the Patriot Act? ...

June 29,2004

I just saw Condalisa Rice (Advisor to President George W Bush for National Security Affairs) interviewed by Gwen Ifill. Condalisa said "As long as liberty and freedom are moving forward, Americans are safe." She meant this (I think) about Iraq and Afghanistan.

But, I wonder, has she read the Patriot Act?

Isn't she part of the administration that feels that the Geneva Convention does not apply to them?

If the USA is a Christain nation*, should we be asking "Who would Jesus bomb?"

* The United States was founded on freedom of religion and seperation of church and state.

Maria, VA Strongly Disagree

... We turned into a rogue nation ...

June 29,2004

I don't agree that the Iraq war has made America a safer place. We went into the war under faulty premises, biased viewpoints, and unsubstantiated claims that some of our leaders knew were untrue. We bombed and mercilessly killed innocent people. We created more terrorists than actually were in Iraq, and we did so without the support of the United Nations. We turned into a rogue nation exercising matchless power just because we wanted to, and because we could. I feel there is so much hate in the rest of the world against us, that somehow, some way, more terrorists will find a way to get even, in their own way, in their own time. It may not happen on our own territory, but maybe even in a place where many Americans are gathered in any part of the world. It is just not safe to be an American anywhere now. I am even afraid to get on a cruise ship anymore.

John, TX Disagree

... This war was about establishing a US outpost ...

June 29,2004

The invasion of Iraq was never about making America safe. This war was about establishing a US outpost in a chaotic region in order to control resources and expand America's geopolitical influence. This was all done by and for the benefit of the corporate plutocracy and paid for by the citizenry with their tax dollars and the lives of enlisted family members.

Loretta, MI Strongly Disagree

... The war has created more enemies ...

June 29,2004

The war has created more enemies. I wish Bush had past History or at least stayed awake in the class.The
only war that is 100% justified-is when the enemy is coming through your back door.

Jacob, VA Strongly Agree

... ...

June 29,2004

Any person who thinks that America hasn't been a magnet for terrorist for a long time is very uninformed. (i.e the first bombing of the world trade towers....the bombing of the Oaklahoma Federal building (can you say domestic terrorist) and 911 all of which happened before Iraq.

Thank you

Conor, ME Strongly Agree

... sowing the seeds of freedom in Iraq ...

June 29,2004

By sowing the seeds of freedom in Iraq, we are attempting to make the terrorist unwelcome in his own land and to change the face of the Middle East.

Carl B., LA Strongly Disagree

... This country's reputation as a sincere and truste ...

June 29,2004

For years to come, our children and grand-children will pay the REAL price for the Bush administration's heavy-handed foriegn policy... America has never been more unsafe than now. Relationships are built on trust... This country's reputation as a sincere and trusted world leader has been forever altered...

Sheryl, NY Disagree

... our hypocritical attitudes regarding freedom and l ...

June 29,2004

Not at all. Our arrogant attitude toward the rest of the world and our hypocritical attitudes regarding freedom and liberty have made us many more enemies and have fueled more extremist and violent behavior. I can only hope that the world will be safer in the forseeable future.

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