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"Operation Iraqi Freedom has made America a safer place."

This discussion was active from June 29-July 8, 2004.
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Total # of Responses: 72 - 7/6/04
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Bill, OR Strongly Disagree

... we've opened up a hornets' nest ...

July 05,2004

I think that we've opened up a hornets' nest and that the persective of many Muslims is that our invasion of Iraq is like a new Crusade directed against Islam.

Tom, FL Strongly Agree

... we have made our own homeland more safe ...

July 03,2004

The focus of terrorism against the US has shifted to American soldiers in a foreign land rather than American citizens in office towers here at home. The number of Americans killed per day and per attack is now counted on one hand as opposed to by the thousands. We are at war with terrorism, and in such a war, this perverse measure is how we gauge personal safety. By making the homes of terrorism more dangerous, we have made our own homeland more safe.

Betsy, OH Strongly Disagree

... a new reign of error ...

July 02,2004

Foolish policies created by foolish men (and women) who'd rather someone else's children give their lives in needless wars. They love war, so long as they aren't required to fight it.

As Dubya's daddy said, "it's a new world order." I say a new reign of error.

Kim, WI Agree

... It is clearly related to 9/11 ...

July 01,2004

Your program failed to reach the obvious conclusion that the war in Iraq was caused by 9/11. I thought Condi Rice was very clear on this. 9/11 changed the strategic policy of the US with regard to combating Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. The US must be proactive and pre-emtive in depriving Al Quaide of bases of operation. We cannot simply wait for another attack on our homeland. This type of terrorism flourishes in failed Islamic states, i.e. Afganistan under Taliban rule. Iraq, although not proved to be involved with 9/11, has had more history of involvement with Islamic terrorism than any other country. Zarqawi and other Al Quaida operatives were operating out of Iraq prior to 9/11. Iraq was the natural next target county to confront after Afganistan in the war on terrorism. Without 9/11, the US would not have invaded Iraq. The country would not have supported it. It is clearly related to 9/11.

Joe, AL Strongly Agree

... President Bush is faced with such hate from the me ...

July 01,2004

President Bush is faced with such hate from the media such as PBS, cnn, the democratic leaders, and regular Americans. I am against public funds being used for personal hate. Gumble and his co host are definitely not journalists. Journalists take a pledge to report the truth, not personal opinions.

Robert, UT Strongly Agree

... The mideast war has been going on for a long time ...

July 01,2004

During the past 25 years Islamic terrorists have killed between 600 and 800 Americans abroad. The mideast war has been going on for a long time-- America just didn't acknowledge it. Contrary to your assertion of a no-connection between Iraq and 9/11, Iraq (Saddam) as well as many other Islamic states had extremists williing/wanting to do havoc on the United States. Today Iraq has no ability to develope WMD and Iraq's neighbors are shutting down terrorists training camps. In the long run we, here in America, are much safer today having a new Iraq. The United States is still vulnerable but we are far less likly to be hit with a nuclear or chemical weapon than when Saddam was in-charge. Thanks.

Vicky J De, TN Strongly Agree

... I prefer that battle be fought on foreign soil rat ...

July 01,2004

Mr. Gumble's and Ms Ifill's last statement on the program I saw was that many people in America don't understand that the war in Irag has nothing to do with Al-Qaida and the attacks on 9-11. I would disagree. I am one of the millions of Americans that DOES understand that 9-11 was about terrorism and the war in Irag is about fighting terrorism. I prefer that battle be fought on foreign soil rather than on our soil and I believe this war brings us closer to never again having a 9-11 type attack.

John, TN Strongly Disagree

... a strategic error of the first order ...

June 30,2004

The Army war college was right. The invasion of Iraq was a strategic error of the first order.

Don, WI Strongly Disagree

... we have lost international respect and trust ...

June 30,2004

We not only created an opportunity for more terror; we have lost international respect and trust and much of our ability for global collaboration!

Lane, WA Strongly Disagree

... You're kidding, right? ...

June 30,2004

You're kidding, right?

Karl, AZ Strongly Disagree

... we find Americans claiming to be Canadians when th ...

June 30,2004

This War of Aggression in Iraq has put a target over the heart of every American on earth. When we find Americans claiming to be Canadians when they travel it is not because they feel safe, it is out of fear and shame.
Inside the country we are now faced with constant warnings that we may be targeted for terrorist attacks. While it is true that the Mother of all terrorist attacks happened before the war in Iraq; Since that time the number and the motivation of terrorists and terror sympathizers has increased exponentially.
By cutting ties with the "Old Europe," we have lost a layer of protection that was a great benefit to the US and its security.

Duane, ID Strongly Disagree

... No one could have played better into the hands of ...

June 30,2004

George Bush started something that he knows like in vietnam he won`t be around to finish.He and the religious right have started a holy war.No one could have played better into the hands of terrorists than Bush did.

Ann, IL Strongly Disagree

... The whole world is more in danger ...

June 30,2004

The whole world is more in danger because of this unsupportable war with Iraq.

Spc Smith, OT Strongly Agree

... You can bet I'll be voting again for my Commander ...

June 30,2004

The American people know the pretenses that Bush set for this war. What they fail to know is that the enemy has chemical weapons, has USED chemical weapons, and will use them again undoubtedly. Unfortunatley there are still "opinions" on these facts. You can bet I'll be voting again for my Commander in Chief to deter these terroists for another 4 years to keep you safe at home.

Dominic, MI Strongly Disagree

... The war in Iraq has fertilzed the seeds of terrori ...

June 30,2004

The war in Iraq has fertilzed the seeds of terrorism. Terrorists are now growning in places where they didn't exsist before. It is only a matter of time before the fear thay the Bush administration has propogated bears fruit here.

Lisa Jorda, AL Disagree

... after the last election I DO NOT believe my vote w ...

June 30,2004

I do not think America has been safe for a long time, even much before 9/11. For the first time in my adult life, I am not going to vote, because after the last election I DO NOT believe my vote will count. The way the electoral college is, I don't think anyone's vote counts. And I was not an Al Gore supporter. I am just very frustrated with the way things have gone in this country for the past several years. I don't think the folks in Iraq can run their own country. There is too much hate, at least the way the media portrays things.

Dan, WA Strongly Disagree

... we are now the most hated/distrusted country in th ...

June 30,2004

How can people think that taking out Sadam and garnering the wrath of a good portion of the world make us safer? It doesn't. PERIOD Because of the current administrations actions we are now the most hated/distrusted country in the world. Thanks for nothing BushCo. A war for oil, a war for money. Who cares that our troops are dying for an unjust war? Not the current resident of the White House.

Liz, NH Strongly Disagree

... our government has caused the United States to rep ...

June 30,2004

When Israel was threatened by Iraq?s short-range missiles and possible weapons of mass destruction in 2002, the United States Congress obediently gave the President permission to go to war against Iraq. Last week, with little news coverage, the Congress obediently rubberstamped Ariel Sharon?s heavily-conditioned plan to move out of Gaza, thereby probably assuring Israel?s permanent control of much of the West Bank. With this and other actions, our government has caused the United States to replace Israel as the primary target of anti-Zionist terrorists. The capacity of those terrorists to strike us is not known. Israel, with its short and quite defensible borders, is probably safer now than it was before the war on Iraq. The United States, which has long and porous borders, is surely more vulnerable. Americans should be concerned about the position our government has placed us in, and should question the propensity of both President and Congress to act in the interest of Israel, rather than that of the people who elected them.

Treehugger, OH Strongly Disagree

... it's easy to say "bring it on!" when you're no ...

June 30,2004

g.w's gonna kill us all!!
.it's easy to say "bring it on!" when you're not doing the dying..
.our country's credibility is GONE!..
.what aggrevated al-queda so bad to attack us?? george's "war on drugs"..special forces burnt their money crop..poppies!!..without their crop,like ALL farmers,they STARVE!!..hunger is a powerful motivation..

Barbara, SC Strongly Disagree

... They are using 9/11 as an excuse ...

June 30,2004

I think Dr. Rice, her cronies and President Bush should be honest with the American people and the world and stop blaming the Iraq war on 9/11. The arrogant, Bush agenda was to go into Iraq prior to his appointment and if 9/11 hadn't happened, Bush and his neo-cons would have still gone to war making the same stupid and ir-responsible mistakes. They are using 9/11 as an excuse for their original intentions and they should be held responsible for the damage and deaths caused by their ineptitude!
Can this country endure another four years with this
President in charge?

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