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America at War - 6.29.04

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"Operation Iraqi Freedom has made America a safer place."

This discussion was active from June 29-July 8, 2004.
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Total # of Responses: 72 - 7/6/04
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Penny, TX Strongly Agree

... there WAS a link between the terrorist and Iraq ...

June 29,2004

Yes it has for the simple reason that as Ms. Rice said we must take the offensive in fighting terrorism. Also, there WAS a link between the terrorist and Iraq. Have you not been doing your research? Get with it. Ok first of all the Russian Prime Minister stated that there was a link between Al Quida and Iraq. Condolisa Rice said that Leader of the Militant forces was operating in Bagdad. I could go on but I will let you do some research of your own and discover some facts by yourself. The program was pretty good, except for the end when you have to make your own political comments. And if you are going to state your own opinion in a program at least base it on fact.

Scott, WI Strongly Agree

... WWII ended 60 years ago and we are still in German ...

June 29,2004

Let us not forget that we not only quickly overthrew a dictator in Iraq but that also Lybia has decided to no longer hide its WMD secrets. I'm glad we have a president who will stand up and take the fight to the terrorists. I would rather fight them on foreign soil than on the streets in America!

By the way, WWII ended 60 years ago and we are still in Germany! We had the same problem with heavy resistance to American occupation. I would say that if the US gets it troops out of Iraq in less than 60 years I would call it a success.

Chris, OR Strongly Agree

... Iraq is now an on-the-job training site for terror ...

June 29,2004

Saddam Hussein was effectively hobbled by international sanctions and UN weapons inspections. Nobody can any longer reasonably deny that he had no WMD. He was jealous of his power and paranoid (with good reason); he did not trust his own generals and would NEVER have given anybody free reign in Iraq (least of all Bin Laden) -- so Iraq had a dictator who strictly controlled everything within his borders but could project no power.

The Bush administration destroyed the Iraqi government, opened the borders, disbanded the army that controlled them, and failed to send enough troops to take over that duty. Iraq is now an on-the-job training site for terrorists of all stripes.

The inability to even turn on the electricity after more than a year sends the message to Iraqis and others that the US is impotent.

The total cultural ignorance and arrogance of the American leadership, culminating in the torture of non-terrorist Iraqis, have aliented most of the Iraqis, if not most of the world.

At the same time, our armed forces have been stretched to the limit, our treasury pillaged with no-bid sweetheart contracts, and the national budget destroyed. Our "leaders" took the added precaution of alienating all of our allies before starting, so that we would have nobody to turn to for additional resources.

In sum, a vile but toothless dictatorship has been replaced with anarchy and a thousand motivations (and opportunities) to fight the US with any means possible. We are weaker by far, they are stronger, the end is not in sight in Iraq -- and all for a war that did not need to be fought in the first place.

Dubya?, TX Strongly Disagree

... The world is NOT a safer place ...

June 29,2004

Ya...I feel real safe these days thanks to this war we brought upon ourselves. Now lets go after all the rest of the dictators, threatening or not, until we bankrupt this great nation and all of it's future into oblivion. The world is NOT a safer place!!!!!!!!

Bill Mccra, TN Strongly Agree

... I am amazed by the methodical way the media work t ...

June 29,2004

With the passage of each day, I am amazed by the methodical way the media and entertainment community work to discredit our President, our military, our national purpose, our unity, our religious foundation, and our way of life. I have finally learned to hate.

Barbara, PA Agree

... It is a step in that direction ...

June 29,2004

It is a step in that direction, will be a very slow and painful process at times.

Richard, NY Strongly Agree

... I voted for President Bush and I will again ...

June 29,2004

I voted for President Bush and I will again. He is doing a great job faced with such hate from the media ilke PBS, the democratic leaders, and regular Americans who can not grasp how important this war is to our way of life.

Wayne, OH Agree

... terrorists were willing and able to take up the fi ...

June 29,2004

There is no doubt terrorists were willing and able to take up the fight in Iraq as well as in Afghanistan. The fact that it is there and not here as it was on 911 as well as (in my belief) during the anthrax attacks shows me the strength of our actions.

Jeffrey Ts, NY Strongly Disagree

... Republican view of the world is shameful ...

June 29,2004

U.S. unilateralism has naturally united friend and foe against the USA. The narrow-minded Republican view of the world is shameful and backwards in these modern times.

Brian, DC Strongly Disagree

... have inflamed tensions in the region ...

June 29,2004

Hussein's Iraq was deeply weakened and was not threat #1 to the U.S. By invading, we've made the U.S. less safe and have inflamed tensions in the region, and quashed what little good will remained for us in the region.

The Bush administration needs to understand the fundamental difference between waging war on non-state terrorist groups and traditional nation states. They still don't understand it, and I don't trust Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz & Co. to confront our threats going forward.

Robert, TN Strongly Agree

... Arab hate has always been out there ...

June 29,2004

Iraq has been a catalyst but Arab hate has always been out there. I would rather fight them there than here and only regret not being able to be there as a fighter.

Lori, CA Strongly Disagree

... Iraq has become a magnet for Islamist terrorists ...

June 29,2004

The invasion of Iraq, far from making us safer, has made America a more dangerous place. Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Iraq has become a magnet for Islamist terrorists from all over the Middle East.

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