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Airdate: November 4, 2007

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Egypt: Extraordinary Rendition
Investigating the CIA's secret detentions

Four years ago, award-winning journalist Stephen Grey left his job at The Sunday Times in London to investigate one of the darkest sides of the Bush Administration's war on terror -- the CIA's controversial rendition and interrogation program. In "Extraordinary Rendition," Grey sets out to find the CIA'S "ghost prisoners" themselves -- some confirmed as high-value al Qaeda members, others unwittingly caught and released months or years later without charge. He also questions former CIA and FBI officials as the debate grows in Washington over the effectiveness and legality of extrajudicial detention and interrogation. read more

India: A Second Opinion
Does Ayurvedic medicine work?

FRONTLINE/World correspondent T.R. Reid explores one of the oldest health care systems in the world – Ayurveda – and what its practitioners have learned, over 3,000 years, that could benefit Western medicine. Reid, a veteran Washington Post foreign correspondent, heads to southern India with a bad shoulder and a hope that there might be a better, less invasive way to treat it than the artificial joint replacement recommended by his Denver orthopedic surgeon. read more

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Filmed and Produced by: DAN EDGE; Reporter: STEPHEN GREY; Co-Producer: JOHN GOETZ; Senior Producer: KEN DORNSTEIN; Editors: ALEX ARCHER, SALLY HILTON, STEVE AUDETTE; Local Producers: HOSSAM EL-HAMALAWY, SUSAN KARAMBU; Production Manager: ANNA WATSON; Graphics: weareseventeen; Music: DAN EDGE; Researcher: CHRISTINA CZAPIEWSKA; Archive: ABCNEWS VIDEOSOURCE, AP ARCHIVE, BBC MOTION GALLERY, INDEX STOCK SHOTS, ITN, GETTY IMAGES; Thanks to: REPRIEVE, CAGE PRISONERS; Executive Producer: FIONA STOURTON; A Co-Production with Blakeway Productions Ltd.

Produced by: STEVE ATLAS, JON PALFREMAN; Reporter: T.R. REID; Editor: PETER RHODES; Camera/Sound: MARK RUBLEE; Original Music: CAL SCOTT; Technical Advisor: SCOTT GERSON, M.D.; Special Thanks: ARYA VAIDYA PHARMACY; Original Production Funding: KEN FISHMAN; Produced in Association with Palfreman Film Group, Inc.

Coordinating Producer: DAVID RITSHER; Senior Associate Producer: MARJORIE MCAFEE, ARIANA REGUZZONI; Associate Producer: CHARLOTTE BUCHEN; Production Assistants: MANAL AHMAD, ANDI MCDANIEL, ALISON SATAKE; Senior Interactive Producer/Editor: JACKIE BENNION; Interactive Associate Producer: MATTHEW VREE; Web Designer: REBECCA GREY; Business Manager: TOBEE PHIPPS; Unit Manager: MARY SULLIVAN; Compliance Manager: LISA PALONE; Contracts Manager: CYNTHIA AHN; Promotion: DIANE BUXTON, SAUNDRA ST. LOUIS, ALISSA ROONEY, JESSICA SMITH, PHIL ZIMMERMAN; Marketing Consultant: KITA CETRULO; Legal: ERIC BRASS, JAY FIALKOV, JANICE FLOOD, SCOTT KARDEL; Satellite Photos: GEOEYE, NASA/GSFC, MODIS RAPID RESPONSE; Theme Music: SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE; Director of New Media and Technology; SAM BAILEY; Online Editor: JIM FERGUSON; Sound Mix: JIM SULLIVAN; Post Production Director: CHRIS FOURNELLE; On-Air Promotion: MISSY FREDERICK; Assistant Editor: MING XUE; Post Production Assistant: ERIN ANGUISH; Series Design: JOHN MACGIBBON; FRONTLINE Coordinating Producer: ROBIN PARMELEE; FRONTLINE Director of Broadcast; TIM MANGINI; FRONTLINE Series Manager: JIM BRACCIALE; Senior Producer: KEN DORNSTEIN; Series Editor: STEPHEN TALBOT; Series Executive Director: SHARON TILLER; Executive Producer: DAVID FANNING.



"Extraordinary Rendition is the real thing, a damning documentary about the U.S. practice of holding suspects in secret prisons for months on end, only eventually transfer them to Guantanamo Bay or release them without charge."
-- Mike Pearson, Rocky Mountain News

"Frontline's fearless producers take on the CIA's practice of apprehending terror suspects and spiriting them to countries where Jack Bauer's interrogation techniques would be considered child's play. Watch this documentary at 10 p.m. Tuesday on WVIZ Channel 25 and save the 15 bucks you would have spent on that Reese Witherspoon flick."
-- Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Senators and Presidential candidates and Attorney General nominees can argue all they want about whether torturing potential terrorists is kosher -- and what constitutes torture, in the first place. It doesn't matter, really. Not while the U.S. government nabs suspected jihadists, and flies them to countries like Egypt, Poland, and Kenya, so they can be treated rough.

‘You can say we ask them not to do it,’ former CIA chief of European operations Tyler Drumheller tells PBS' Frontline/World about torture. But ‘you know this is the way they've been treated in the past, so you have to be honest with yourself that it's going to be part of it.’ Frontline/World explores this issue of torture and "Extraordinary Rendition."

--Noah Shachtman,

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