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Airdate: February 23, 2010

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Pakistan: The Lost Generation
David Montero reports from Pakistan on the country’s embattled public education system, which is among the worst in the world, despite years of U.S. aid. read more

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PRODUCED AND REPORTED BY: David Montero; CAMERA AND SOUND: Himran Alexander; EDITOR:David Ritsher; SENIOR PRODUCER: Ken Dornstein: FIXERS:Badar Alam, Mansoor Malik
TRANSLATOR: Mateen Kaul; MUSIC: Associated Production Music:
ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE: Pakistani State TV; STILL PHOTOS: Mosharraf Zaidi, Jamaat Islami; SPECIAL THANKS: Dawn Media Group, Hussain Naseer Taher

Coordinating Producer: DAVID RITSHER; Story Editor: AMANDA PIKE; Senior Associate Producer: MARJORIE MCAFEE; Associate Producer: ANDRES CEDIEL; Outreach Coordinator: CHARLOTTE BUCHEN; Production Assistants: MATT DURNING, N’JERI EATON, LYRA FREDERICK, JACOB SIMAS; Interactive Associate Producer: MATTHEW VREE; Interactive Producer, Special Projects: JOE RUBIN; Interactive/Web Designer: REBECCA GRAY; Business Manager: TOBEE PHIPPS; Compliance Manager: LISA PALONE; Contracts Manager: LISA SULLIVAN; Promotion: JESSICA SMITH, DIANE BUXTON, SANDY ST. LOUIS, ALISSA ROONEY, BETH LOWELL; Legal: ERIC BRASS, JAY FIALKOV, JANICE FLOOD, SCOTT KARDEL: Satellite Photos: GEOEYE; Theme Music: SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE; Director of New Media and Technology: SAM BAILEY; Online Editor: JIM FERGUSON; Sound Mix: JIM SULLIVAN; Post Production Director: CHRIS FOURNELLE; On-Air Promotion: MISSY FREDERICK; Avid Editor: MICHAEL H. AMUNDSON; Assistant Editors: TYRRA TURNER, MATTHEW KOVACH; Post Production Assistant: MEGAN MCGOUGH; Series Design: JOHN MACGIBBON; FRONTLINE Coordinating Producer: ROBIN PARMELEE; FRONTLINE Director of Broadcast: TIM MANGINI; FRONTLINE Series Manager: JIM BRACCIALE; Senior Interactive Producer: JACKIE BENNION; Senior Producer: KEN DORNSTEIN; Series Executive Director: SHARON TILLER; Executive Producer: DAVID FANNING

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