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Dispatches From a Small Planet: Israel, April 2005

Video Dispatches - Israel

Interview WIth the Filmmaker
A filmmaker's journey into the Israeli punk scene.
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The Bands
"Jericho's Echo" features eight different punk bands.
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Moderator Comment: Should there be mandatory military service in any country? And what role should religion play in society?
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The Bands
Useless ID Useless I.D.
Veteran pop-punkers, Useless I.D. are one of the few Israeli bands to enjoy international success.
Chaos Rabak Chaos Rabak
Tattoos are considered a religious taboo in Israel. Chaos Rabak members display tattoos and take other visual cues from U.K. street punk.
Nikmat Olalim Nikmat Olalim
Israel's most outspoken and politically hardcore group. The band's 18-year-old members are about to enter mandatory military service, or they might opt out with possible lifelong consequences.
Punkache Punkache
Two members of this pop-punk trio currently serve in the Israeli army, coming home on weekends to play gigs. The third manages one of Tel Aviv's only independent rock clubs, the Patiphone.
Gutzy Gutzy
Slang for "short, fat man," Gutzy runs a popular Israeli punk Web site and is guitarist with the band [translated from Hebrew] "Slap Limor Livnat's Face." Livnat is Israel's Minister of Education.
Ha Pussy shel Lussy Ha Pussy shel Lussy
This popular punk band lost its original singer to a suicide bomber in 2000.
Retribution Retribution
On the right politically, Retribution's members express their devotion and commitment to the state of Israel.
Smash4$ Smash4$
Hebrew-speaking Russian immigrants, Smash4$ play ska-punk inspired by the Irish-American band Dropkick Murphys.
Lital Lital
Among a handful of girls in the Israeli punk scene, 17-year-old Lital is on the verge of military service.

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