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Kampala, Uganda
Let the Arabs kill the blacks, that is what the war is about and since it doesn't affect the USA or Europe, it is of no great interest to the the world. How long has this war been going on? [Sudan's president] Bashir is killing the blacks but he should also remember that death is for everyone.

Now comes in the most interesting part: the Chinese. They want to colonize Africa again. They don't care about anyone apart from the oil and providing guns so that they can operate in southern Sudan. It is a very unfare world!

What in the world did the blacks do to deserve this? Children dying, women suffering. What will such people be or think if they somehow manage to survive? Dear African leaders, wake up, stop the greed and help your people.

Darfur Lover
khartoum, Khartoum

We see all the world is just talking but no action, till when? Till when are we supposed to wait? Children are suffering,look at the terrible photos you always see on your computers,is it a kind of life you agree with? I know your answer is a very very big NO, but what our children are in need of is a touchable action. The Janjaweed are laughing at the world, they think that they are beyond the law and we think that they are right due to your horrible silence. We are encouraging the bloody Jangaweed to commit more horrible deeds and they will do so, if we just continue watching.

Anne Karpis
Swainsboro, GA

Thank you for the stunning photographs. They give these people dignity even in the worst of tragedies. The wealthy nations of the world must act. Allowing a nation like Sudan to commit murder is assisting in the crime. Send in the United Nations and give them lots of money to do it. Get the Red Cross to get them medicine, food and water now. This is your chance corporate world to show what you can do to help! Donate free stuff, whatever you sell donate a percentage to Darfur. The world must be full of more good people than it is bad. Show these people the audacity of hope.

Peter Maxwell
Darien, CT

What happens to us as a race as we allow this type of genocide to occur?

Lilit Lilit
Yerevan, Armenia

I am Armenian. I am proud of it. Sometimes when I am tkinking about the Armenian Genocide I feel that I have been there,with our ancestors. When I am looking at these pictures from Darfur I feel awful. I think how peoeple can be so cruel. How people can kill each other in such a way. I am very sorry of it. I am greatful to you that you give us a place to tell you about our feelings. And I hope that one day the whole world will accept the reality of the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. Thank you very much.

gerald mr
Ghana, Ghana

If there is no love for one another peace can never prevail on earth. So let each and every living person come together and unite so we can put a stop to the conflicts and the atrocities that some of our neighbors are going through.

Fifii Wilson

These pictures are really horrible. How are we all going to help out? Our silence means we are unconcerned so I will urge all and sundry to wake up to this task.
Darfur needs us and we need them. We need to live together as one or die together as fools. Rise up Africa, rise up my World.

This is amazing because it shows directly what is going on from a person who is living this tragedy. I hope that I will get the opportunity to show these photographs in school, to get the next generation to think and act!!!

Yankhoba TRAORE

This war is a disaster for humanity. 'Afican people must wake up and push for peace and development to build the African Continent, same as the European Union and United States of America. Africa, Wake up! NO MORE WAR, NO TRIBAL WAR, ONLY DEVELOPMENT. Peace and love.

Nairobi, Kenya
What unsympathetic minds these janjaweed have, They and the so called government power are costing innocent lives in Darfur. Having stayed in southern Sudan for 6 years, I know how terrible it for my fellow Africans in this region of the world.

Please, it is time for the AU, USA, UN, and other international organizations to react in order to stop another African genocide from taking place. How long will the entire world continue watching human suffering in Darfur?

Shame upon those world leaders who claim to be peace makers, but do nothing.

This only seems to happen to blacks. Why can't those who can help these poor innocent human beings? The wealthy care only about themselves. GOD loves the truth.

James Rwabuhinga
Dallas, Texas USA

In the year 2008 for this to be happening yet again is a sad and telling testimony about our value system as a human race. I pray that God Almighty will awaken the conscience of the world to stop the untold misery being inflicted on the Darfur people. The so-called government of Sudan has lost the mandate to govern. The UN should assume responsibility and control of Darfur for eventual independence as a free people. History is on the side of the Darfur people. It has been done in Kosovo and East Timor to mention but a few areas which were a mess not long ago! God bless the suffering people of Darfur.



Sandy Wynne
Burlington, Vermont

Your photos say more than any words put to paper. This horror will continue until we in the developed countries demand more of our own governments to help stop these atrocities. We must also speak out against all the governments that enable this genocide. As consumers and voters we have the power to influence change. There is no such thing as an innocent bystander.

Juba, Jongkulei state
I would like to ask our leaders, "Why are you not helping our brothers in Darfur?" Please turn up with better ideas to rescue the remaning people. Thanks.


Before Darfur it was southern Sudan. Bashir and the Janjaweed did the same thing there. There was no action then just as there is no action now.This has been going on for a LONG time. Too long.

Baghdad, Iraq
The Darfur crisis is among many other African problems that require African attention and solution. The so called international intervention only perpetuates African misery and human catastrophe.The AU and IGAD must act now or never.

Urdaneta City, Philippines
I always wonder what the opulent nations are doing to ease the suffering of the poor people in Darfur and elsewhere in the world.

Juba, Central Equatoria
Where is the Africa black race in the strugle for the sake of our African children, women, men and youth. Do not forget the beloved Africa Land. We must stand as one against the worst enemies -- whether they call themselves Janjaweed, Al Qaida or Northern Sudan Arab.

Seifu teklu
Italy, Emilia Romagna

We the African blacks had made a good start when begining in the early Sixties we were at last emanicipated from colonial rule and embarked on the road toward freedom and progress. And today if we continue to die in hundreds of thousands just because we ask for justice, equality and democracy, it's because we let Arabs continue to buy our children and women as slaves -- it is because we let them rape the continent Mother Africa. When the Arabs arm Somalia to wage Jihad against other black Africans they say the Somalis are brothers: When they buy their daughters and women to resell them for the rampant Arab casinoes, the Somalis are no more brothers but only starved negroes. Beshir and his likes are no different.There is only one language he would understand -- to get more united and fight. Look at the North Africans who give deaf ear to the genocide in Darfur but wail from continent to continent about a Palestinian child shot in a cross-fire. It's also time to remind the rest of the African countries that unless in a common effort we try to estingush the fires in Darfur and Somalia in time, they will sooner or later have to deal with a much larger conflagration.

Nhial Maker Gum
University of Juba, Lakes state

One man's wound is everyman's suffering. Watching Darfur in the cauldron on that burning fire pains me as a Sudanese. My appeal to all the Sudanese leadership, both in Juba and Khartoum is, please come together and find a quick solution to Darfur's crisis otherwise Sudan will never be enjoying the fruits of the CPA in which your minds are focused on. The pictures really showed the world that there is no work done on the problems of Sudan.

Ruxandra Oprica
Brasov, Romania

I'm shocked as many of us to see the pictures and to learn more about the crisis in Darfur, however, the ones who could really change all this either are not paying enough attention or they simply don't care and refuse to act. Vague ideas and measures have been taken while leaders find excuses for not acting enough. I feel so angry, and powerless and at the same time, thankful that I am healthy and have a decent life. I hope so much that the next US president will do something about this, as Bush boasts about being a super power and having the obligation to help less fortunate ones. He's such a hypocrite, and the sick Chinese gov't seem to not have a heart at all. I know -- we all know -- it's a cruel world, but you can't help being horrified by what is happening in our neighboring land. Why keep on talking about morality,generosity, world powers, if nothing can change some mentalities? Why promote ethical values, peace and cooperation if we are not improving situations?

müster, Germany
The world will stay like this until solving problems with guns is stoped. Talking is the best, and to respect each other. To love other's nations as you love your nation.
To forgive and forget.

Kaku Loponi
Juba, Central Equatoria

We as Africans really feel very bad, seeing our brothers dying and we are standing aside. Janjaweed, stop your barbaric acts and killing of the innocent people of God.

I feel sorry for such a thing to happen in the mordern world. Where is the U.N.? Why keep a deaf ear on such a thing? You are part of the problem. Genocide took place in Rwanda and the former colonizers kept quiet.

Britain, the former colonizer of Sudan, are you happy to hear about this suffering in Darfur, let alone seeing it?

Lastily U.S.A , please you have to intervene, even if you may not have any interest, but save the people of Darfur. President Bush, do something before your term ends soon.

Athens, Greece

OK, we must do something! We should have done it a long time ago, but what can we do as simple civilians since the governments are doing nothing? Change our governments?

Ticoy Patrick
Roxas City, Philippines

I can't imagine how people can play deaf and mute, knowing that they can put pressure in Darfur and help resolve this on-going crime against the citizen of this country.

Every city in the world where the [Olympic] torch passes by is a chance for you and your country to at least awaken your conscience and express your voice [about what China is doing to support the regime in Sudan].

The time is now, stop the violence in Darfur!

Tauranga, New Zealand

Look at our brothers!

People, how long will it take for us to scream with the agony of our fellow man's suffering? What are we waiting for? Everybody else to do something?

nyala, southren darfur
I think that international community are not taking care about human sufferning in Darfur. According to the UN serious steps should be taken to put pressure on Khartoum. That is very clear for any one to note that until now Khartoum is refusing all security councils resolutions.

Gaborone, Botswana
So painful to see this.

Mohamad Karter
El Fasahir, North Darfur State

Because I am a teacher I see that a very big number of children suffer a lot of not being in schools. In near future there will be illiteracy which is also a very big problem like your photos show.

Steve Carmeli
Corona, California

Very moving. As a Christian, I gave up going to church because, while there were ongoing tragedies like this, all the churchgoers wanted to hear was "Bless me Lord, bless me Lord" and read Joel Osteen's "Your Best Life Now." What will Christians say to the Lord on the day of judgment in light of tragedies like this when they could have found out in stark detail what was going on just by logging on to a web site? Get this info out to the church because the church leaders are failing!

Ahmed Ibrahim
Juba, Juba

Let us join hands and solve this human catastrophe.

kampala, Uganda
For how long should mankind suffer under the nose of AFRICAN UNION? Is it a union against humanity? Why do blackmen kill one another? U.N where are you? Why wait for another Rwanda to happen? God help Africa, it's being torn apart.

To the photographer, you have told an entire life story of people in gross suffering which is some times edited by the media for selfish reasons. Thank you. To the perpetrators of this untold suffering, there are no words to express what you have done to Humanity. As for the organisations and bodies set up to help, there is need to do something different.

I have no words to describe this horrible situation in Darfur. I live far away from there and I'm still in high school and this is why I can't go there and do something ... :(

Juba, Sudan

The world keeps watching, especially the UN. The Sudanese government has become a bully of the world. These pictures say every thing. When the Khartoum government oppressed and killed thousands in the South, the world watched and here it is again, the replay.

Nargees Jumakhan
Alameda, CA

Civilians are getting hurt everyday, that's not right.

lumumba ramandan
juba, sudan

The war in Darfur will not end with guns. Thousands have been displaced and live homeless. The only solution is by negotiating around a table.

Nesar Ahmed
Dhaka, Bangladesh

The photos are bound to make people to drop the tear. Amazing.

irene jogo
juba, south sudan

The Darfur people should come to a common understanding with its people. The innocent people are suffering so much, especially the children, pregnant mothers, the helpless people. Thank you for your work.

I think we are no longer in a position to believe the world leaders in their pledge to stop the crisis in Darfur, since countries like China don't give a damn about human suffering. They are only coming to Darfur in order to protect their vast fortune in oil industry in Sudan.

evans mancell
kumasi, ashanti

It's shocking to see that people kill people and hurt each other, whileswe all look at it, and nothing is being done. What a shame, what at all is happening to the human race, bloodletting has become a culture.

mugagga charles
masaka, Buganda

May God forgive the janjaweeds;for they don't know what they are doing.Amen

mugagga charles
masaka, Buganda

May the good lord stand firm with these innocent people [of Darfur]. Let all peaceful countries allover the world feel a responsibility for rescuing innocent citizens. Amen

saint esmile saint
Kampala, kampala

What are the super powers (USA) waiting for? After all they brought down Saddam. Let them do the same thing. It is so bad in Sudan.

My comment here is to tell the high authority to do something urgent about these situation happening in Darfur and the entire region. So we the Nigerian army are in support of the UN to take over all the the administration of the operation entirely so that everything will be going fine.

Dubai, Dubai
Why the Muslims are so cruel in Sudan? In this Dubai, it's the opposite. The locals are excellent peoples. I think the religious fundamentalisim and terrorisim are the core reason things are terrible in darfur, and this is the threat which the world is facing."God" save us all.Thank you.

Al - Obied, Sudan
I saw no genocide were committed as western media are used to announce. the root of this crises is normal dispute arising between tribes who raise the cattles and the farmers. But unfortunately western included USA enlarged the dispute and call it Arabs against African ethnic...Leave Sudan alone, we can solve our disputes with bloody Western & Yankees ( USA).

khartoum, Khartoum
My suggestion is why don't we stop talking and start working against those who are behind it. I don't know how but let's start giving ideas about how,and what kind of work are we supposed to do,and also let's think of a fast action not an action that needs a long term plan because things can't wait. One thing more: please remember that Darfur children are in need of our support, just have a look at your children if you are the father, the brother, a relative or even a friend of some children then act accordingly.

Dubai, UAE
The worst thing that the world can do is to watch and do nothing for the oppressed people of Darfur.

Damn, it is really dificult to describe what you feel when you see this because seeing people in agony is very painful to our mind and body. I hope this suffering will end.

karachi, pakistan
They are also human beings. I think that United Nation should take some measures.

Cairo, Lakes State-South Sudan
Darfur is a bleeding ground where Bashir and his militias act with brutal impunity on innocent civilians of Darfur in disrespect to human life. I urge the international community to exert more pressure on Khartoum to end the suffering of the Darfur people.

Epone Emmanuel
Khartoum, Sudan

Darfur crisis doesn't need only support but we must feel the pain,brotherhood,realize our oneness and then there must be collective responsibility to achieve the goal.

Ssemanda Alex Burton
Kampala, Uganda

The world should stop compromising with killers and destroyers of innocent people! It is very absurd that all leaders are just talking and enjoying beautiful lives while other beings are deprived of their God given rights in the name of politics. Should all Head of States stop compromising, then such life styles will come to an end.

May the good Lord look upon the surffering people in all countries and make a way where there seems to be no way. Let God be their REDEEMER!

Boston, MA

A striking, vivid and devastating mirror of humanity. "I'll pray for them all."

Thank you for this very powerful document. Change is possible if we keep spreading the word about this terrible crime aganist humanity.Kindness and truth shall meet;
Justice and truth shall kiss: Psalm 85


Really disturbing photos. It is really sad to see people suffer like this, with no food and water,no medical facilities and even no homes to live in,just structures for survival.Worse still,with no hope.It's so sad.

cj cj
oakland, ca

Those who supply the arms must be held accountable; we are not human beings for allowing this to continue. Where are CHINA, MANDELA, MUSLIMS? We know Christians are bankrupt of morality. I just would not expect from so called super countries and people that they would not speak out and get something done. Why can't we allow these suffering people to be brought to other countries? Where is the humanity? Is the world so bankrupt?

kattanil gopalakrishnan
Dubai,UAE, Dubai

A good job, helps in serving mankind in many ways.

Rochester, Minnesota

Too many times in human history do we allow ourselves to be crushed by the power hungry few. Those suffering can stop it by standing up to their fear and gain their freedom. The American did this with the British, The French with their royalty, and the Indians again with the British. This may seem cold, but freedom has a high cost in human life. Is that life worth living if you do not try anything you can to be free? I think there is no life worth living if you are living in constant fear. These people who bully and kill the innocent are nothing more than bullies, easily intimidated if you stand up to them as Gandhi did. Freedom is waiting for those willing to stand for it regardless of the threat of death. Because eventually freedom will replace fear if people really want it.

Washington, DC

It's time to rise up against the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed. Forget diplomacy, forget peace keeping missions, forget exchanging of niceties! It's time for the world and humanity to rise up. Destroy and annhilate the janjaweed... Show them what is right and wrong. It's time to rid this world of those that don't seem to get it!

Rick Mitchell
sf, CA

Similar conflicts, some supported by legitimate governments, others simply allowed by them, go on in many places, and may or may not be called 'ethnic cleansing' or genocide. Actually, any situation - wherever people are being killed is an afront to human decency, and we should be banding together to stop such practices -- regardless of what the motivations or power of the sponsoring group may be. Killing is killing is killing, and one's political perspective cannot make it be 'terrorism' in one case and 'freedom fighting' in another. As group organization and group communication becomes ever easier we must find ways to bring public opinion and outrage to bear and bring accountability to each such situation - no matter how long it may take.

Alexandre Luiz
Porto Alegre, Brazil

This is somenthing so terrible that it's difficult to believe it is happening. But it is. So, where are the humanitarian organizations? ...Thank god there are journalists and photographers who show these images to the world. A world that seems to be too busy to be worried about human beings suffering this kind of punishment.

Seattle, Washington

Total sadness in my heart. Pain and sorrow from what mine eyes have just seen. I agree with Chris from RI. So advanced, so much technology and plenty of money. I am a recovering AA, and going through the process of separation and divorce. Mental, physical and sexual abuse and rearing by diferent mothers and fathers in my childhood. I really feel the pain for the children. Technology has moved us as far backwards in some sense as it has forward. Thank you to all who make the reality available for us to see. My pain is but a mere and slight abrasion to what many thousands are experiencing worldwide. I don't know what I can do to help. My prayers for them.

la, ca

This is really sad! Man, these poor people are starving and people here throw food away. I would like to learn more about Darfur in my high school.

Michael Vivian, Ph.D.
Valley Glen, CA

While the Republicans and Democrats are running for president, they neglect to mention that...26,000 UN peacekeepers are needed on the ground right now. This is happening on their watch. Whatever your political party, ask your candidate what they are doing right now about Darfur!

Claudia Dons

I think the world easily forgets places like this. They briefly focus on a place for a short while and then the attention moves to somewhere else when the situation seems to difficult to correct. I think you are very right in saying that if we had economic interest in Darfur the situation would be very different.

Your images are amazing. I love your use of shadows. I can look at you images for a long time and find suttle hints that draw you into the image. I saw some of your work a few years ago in "ĝksehallen DK" and always feel inspired by your work. I just went to Indonesia to try and portray the life and enviroment there. I feel it is very difficult to portray and describe a contry, feeling, situation, etc. in just a few weeks time. Since coming back to Denmark I have thought about returning to Indonesia to continue my work. Next time I wil have your pictures in mind and let them inspire me.

Keep up the good work and thank you for your thoughts and inspiration,


milagros rosario
east hartford, ct

I am so glad that there are people who are worried about the sutuation in Darfur. I learn about it at school and we as a class are doing work on it. Thanks to my teachers now we can see that this is a real genocide and we have to help to stop it now!!!

Beautiful photographs, and commentary to match - especially your comments towards the end of the video. I am still in high school and I don't think I've ever heard Darfur even mentioned in any of my classes. I'm ashamed at how unaware and uneducated I seem to be about such huge problems like this.

Chris Westerkamp
Providence, ri

How is it possible that the people of earth have achieved so much scientifically, and economically, along with great humanitarian accomplishments and yet seem unable to stop savage cruelty in Darfur or 100 other places? Especially with media providing a ring side seat to the rest of the world to watch. Darfur makes one wonder if the worst of us will overshadow the best of us.

Religions only add to the problem -- the conflict of beliefs fueling the fire not putting it out. Darfur is possible because of Oil. How can the UN stand by? Surely the atrocities of Darfur are as great or greater than those committed by Sadam Hussein. Why are we not intevening or invading? It's about oil and upsetting China.

Darfur is like the hungry, homeless man passed out on a busy sidewalk while people pass, not stopping to help or noticing or worse, intentionally averting their glance and going on their way.


I can't find the right words to express how it makes me feel, I am so mad that rich capable countries are allowing this to go on...

san francisco

This is a very powerful display of the suffering in Darfur. I am proud that Frontline won't let us forget. The government in Khartoum, and their supporters, are really despicable.

Hi, I have just checked with my contacts in and around Nyala, and I must admit I got the numbers mixed up. They in fact support the numbers suggesting 100.000 IDP's in Kalma - however they also say that 230,000 people are the number of refugees in the region around Nyala.Sorry for the mix up.

All best,

Abbie Swanson
Oakland, CA

Incredible, the photos as well as the audio. Really great--if terrifying--storytelling.

Nairobi, Kenya
Striking pictures. Having worked on Darfur at the same time as the photographer, I must say the numbers mentioned on Kalma Camp are grossly inflated, by about 100,000. At one point it was probably the largest concentration of internally displaced persons, but never reached close to 230,000. Nevertheless, a stunning display of human suffering.