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Susan Salvador-Anayatin
Cotabato City, Philippines

Ryan, I came to know you at the Notre Dame University. I appreciate and thank you very much for this photo documentation, which no one among us here dared to accomplish so far. Many thanks for being one of those who seek justice for the Muslims in Mindanao.
Wishing you all the best and God's blessings be with you always.

peace, susan

You have captured powerful and great messages in your work, Ryan! Padayon kaibigan!

Eric Unger
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ryan, thanks for taking the time to keep me posted on what your work is about! You amaze me, and impress me with your photographic insights. I imagine 'the man behind the camera' in each photo. This note is accompanied by a prayer that God will keep you in a halo of safety as you travel, and that that halo will include those who happen to be near you!!

Excellent job, Ryan. Not much is written about this issue from the Muslimsī point of view. Prejudices prevail and I hope there are going to be more people like you who dare to enter their world free of prejudice and biases.

Ryan, I knew before that your pictures are great, but in this slideshow you put them together to show multiple realities. Good Job! Go on!

Ige Ramos
Manila, Philippines

Ryan, since you left the Philippines, nothing has really changed. With the current administration, the issues were just, as usual, swept under the rug. I wish that Manila would just realize that there are nagging problems down there and should stop pretending or being indifferent. Brilliant work Ryan! The Thailand photos are equally powerful.

Nice work Ryan. These pictures really paints a thousand words.

There are no minority groups when opportunity is fairly given. Muslims and Christians co-exist. Respect must prevail.

These images are terrifying. Incredibly powerful piece.

Great work, Ryan. Really powerful and wonderful images that get the message across.Would it be naive to think that the real fight is against poverty and inequity, and that these people just happen to be Muslim, so it becomes a Muslim cause, when really it's a human cause?

This is a great slideshow -- very rich in details and context.