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Afghanistan: Without Warlords, October 2004



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Heather - London, Ontario
Being close to someone from an Afghan family, I sympathize with the current struggles of Afghanistan, if only because I know how hard it was for this family to leave their home in hopes of peace and opportunity in Canada. I hope and pray for peace, human rights advocacy, and stability in Afghanistan. For a better future for those who have suffered so much. And for a family I care about deeply, to know that home isn't so far away after all.

Anonymous - Rialto, California
Just like any other county struggling for some type of democracy, the Afghan people will have to fight and work for it while waiting for older generations to pass away. When younger Afghans are taught the importance of equality and basic rights then it will become a natural evolution- but older generations with stubborn minds will have to pass on so that this new enlightened generation can really start to live.

In response to the question: "Will democracy take root in Afghanistan?

Yes but it will take a while, the warlords will have to be taken out of power.


Efren Castillo - Texas City, Texas
I don't think any other countries are looking for democracy, just peace, and you don't necessarily need democracy for an answer to end problems. Respect is what it takes.

Dennis Ripley - Rock Falls, Illinois
Yes, on the surface it appears to be working. But more needs to be done to help with the education, health, and welfare of the citizenship and communication problems in the country.

When the U.S. leaves, the U.S.-installed government will be overthrown, and one of two things will happen. A new government, likely a Muslim theocracy, will take power, or a new batch of warlords will emerge. America has cheapened democracy in the eyes of the world-with our election and the Afghan election. Democracy is now seen as an empty ideal, used by the ruling party to manipulate the masses.

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