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Belize, THE EXILE'S SONG, January 2004



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David Goo - Atlanta, Georgia
I loved the story. Capturing traditional Garifuna music is essential to keeping its culture alive. After dancing the punta in Honduras with the Garifuna there, I was happy to hear more of their music. I even purchased some CDs on line from Stonetree Records. Thanks a lot for doing the story.

Joycelyn Noralez - Dangriga, Belize
As a garifuna person and as a Belizean and still living in Dangriga it was very delightful to see that we had something unique to show to the world. It's like reading documentaries of remote villages in Africa and realizing what a wonder that is. I am very proud to be a part of all this and will do my best to ensure that the culture as a whole lives on.

Markeeda and Imani - Kansas City, Missouri
My 5 year old daughter, Imani and I watched this story and we really enjoyed it. We think this type of music can be found in many parts of the world...because of the "African Diaspora." Yes! it can be widely appreciated with more stories like this one...and more recognition of the elders and those who are preserving it. Excellent article! Keep up the good work!

Imani - Kansas City, Missouri
I am 5 years-old. I have a guitar too. I wish I was there because it looks interesting. You should go to China to do a story. I want to go with you ... Thank you.

C. Theodore Lang - Beverly Hills, California
Local music will always survive and thrive for just that reason; that it is local. No matter how homogenized the music of the world in general becomes, local music will always be there to reflect those that produce it and uplift those that hear it.

Paul Condylis - Chicago, Illinois
The mere fact that you chose a simple cultural slice of earth life (and beautifully done) in context of your reputation for serious, big issues makes me proud to be human and deeply grateful for all your contributions.

Diane Hardy - Buffalo, New York
Hi! I just wanted to say what a great story! I just recently went to Belize to the Island of Caye Caluker. The music was wonderful there, and the people have a very positive feel. I would suggest anyone who wants to experience their country to go, and escape past the 'tourist' destinations and experience the truly beautiful people of Belize :)

Pam Winters - San Marcos, California
I caught Marco Werman's report on Garifuna music in Belize on NPR today and enjoyed it very much. The story is such an interesting one and it made me very sad to hear of the way mainstream culture and tastes have begun to overshadow yet another unique tradition in this world. I look forward to reading more on this story at The World's web site. The scrapbook, among other things, is delightful. Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful work (as always)!

Best regards,
Pam Winters