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Punk Rock in the Holy Land



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Jason Hollis - Madison, Wisconsin
All developed countries have a variety of subcultures. For example, Israel also has a very strong Psytrance scene. More oppression in the society makes for a more reactionary mix of subcultures, with punk rock as a baseline because of its open architecture. These are necessary and beneficial processes, the cultural subconscious equivalent.

Anonymous - New York, New York
I am so inspired to listen to opinions by my peers in Israel. I believe they are the same thoughts and opinions among youth throughout the world. One of the comments that struck me the deepest was that we are one race, and a constant reminder of that is healthy. This philosophy may be the foundation to attain peace. I believe that the young everywhere are confused and trying to make sense of this life, and if we don't have the outlet to ask questions and think for ourselves, it will be a continuous downward spiral everywhere. So many kids in America are dying by suicide and in other places by somebody else's suicide. Anyway you look at this world, you see people are distressed, confused and hurting. So I thank you for these interviews that show we are all asking questions, hopefully to bring a widespread change.