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Europe: THE RE-ORIENT EXPRESS, September 2004



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Franz Hegemann - Weissach im Tal, Germany
Hello, your correspondents are very good and interesting. Mr. Marton Dunai is a good observer. Thanks and best regards.

Luis Fernando Ruenda Flores - El Paso, Texas
Congratulations for PBS, I think that your correspondent's journey through Europe, he made a wonderful and admirable work, I love it. It is marvelous, I am astonished.

Jane Ralls - Minneapolis, Minnesota
I found this to be an extremely interesting piece. I recently traveled to Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary and I have long wanted to go to Romania and Bulgaria, so I found the descriptions of the trains and border police and other details quite interesting.

I think that cross-cultural friendships and marriages pave the way to a greater understanding amongst people. It is harder to consider a country one's enemy if one has relatives or in-laws or friends from there. It opens one's eyes to the fact that one may dislike a government and its actions, but people should be taken as individuals.

John Hobday - Florida
Thanks for a real article. It is amazing what has happened in Europe since 1989. It is a shame the U.S. and UN were not as forward thinking. We probably would not be in the mess we are in now.