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Sharon Towner - Belen, New Mexico
A powerful, heartbreaking report of the dangers journalists take in Iraq, I stand in honor of them and of Frontline/World for telling it like it really is. We deserve more honest reports such as this one. Thank you Frontline for understanding that. And to the extraordinary journalists in Iraq, may they stay well and safe.

Joan Matthews - Margate, Florida
I was touched to see the risks reporters take in covering a story. Wonderful piece... I don't believe we are getting the full story of what is taking place in Iraq due to the severe safety constraints placed on reporters, for obvious reasons, and the military's aim to put a positive spin on the the war.


Maria Itsgenstein - Norwood, Massachusetts
Some of the images in this piece we have seen before on the news, but never before put together in such a presentation. I feel that I have a better understanding of the "behind-the-scenes" view of Iraq. It's dismal, but important to know. I admire the reporters who risk their lives to enter these conditions in order to tell these stories -- and pity the Iraqi civilians and U.S. military who have no choice.

Joel Rosenberg - Columbus, Ohio
Thank you for bringing the true visual truths of the war in Iraq. We have not been asked to do anything except reach into our pockets. Keeping us in the dark is a Bush strategy that hopes to cover up the incompetence of the small group of morons running this war. If they had asked the public to do what they have been asked to do in every other war we have been involved in, that is to actually put together a civilian defense corps, cut back on gasoline use etc. Money and resources could have been saved and we could have felt a part of the defense of our country. Instead we go on like nothing is happening and billions have been down the drain. Only the military and their families are paying the price for what the Bush administration has got us into.


John Crow - Breckenridge, Texas
Thank you for the passion and compassion that these programs are presented. In an era where the majority of TV information is sanitized and anesthetic - thank you.

Andrew - Indianapolis, Indiana
Phenomenal. The World pieces bring perspectives unseen in typical "news" broadcasts. Please keep it up.


Anonymous - New York, New York
A stunning report about the dangers of reporting news in Iraq. I plan to forward the Frontline/World link to friends & family.

The following are responses to the moderator question, "Are Americans getting the real story from reporters in Iraq?"

Michael Baines - Pooler, Georgia
NO! Most people I talk to still believe a lot of misinformation about Iraq.

Someone should publish a simple FAQ about Iraq. (1 page).

ex. Was Iraq responsible for 911? What was the reason given for the invasion? Were weapons found? If Iraq becomes democratic, will its oil be traded publicly? How many people were killed before the war due to government violence? How many people currently have been killed? How many Iraqis have been killed?

Steve Hebert - Eugene, Oregon
To your question, are Americans getting the real story from reporters in Iraq? Possibly -- certainly the best "real" result that is obtainable from this side of the story...but likely very incomplete from the Iraqi side -- the horrors and dangers on-the-ground and the concurrent difficulties in traveling leave little further resources to exploit...truth is already lost; some semblance of honor, though, does seem to be getting through for us to see...

What a tragic loss for everyone...another treasury or two wasted -- theirs first and most of ours... there HAS to be a better way...

THANKS FOR AIRING THIS SHOW...may all the peoples involved find a safe way home...PLEASE TAKE CARE

Efren Castillo - Texas City, TX
I would most definitely think so. I just think that our military should just use their own media personnel instead of working civilian journalists.

Jo Garce - Hyderabad, India
I agree. Civilian reporters have no business in a war.

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