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Mexico, The Ballad of Juan Quezada



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Fernando Barraza - San Diego, California
Excellent report. It was very interesting and left me envying such a calm, simplistic and cultural way of life. The purest souls I have seen. Good for them, there are few people with such pureness, happiness and soul this side of the border. The only thing he [Quezada] bought was a brand new 4x4 truck... good for him. The corrido shows how the community is unified and there is such appreciation for a man from a fellow man. Keep up the good work guys.


Anonymous - New York, New York
What a wonderful story! Juan Quezada is a living angel. It is always nice to be reminded of the goodness in people. Thank you!

Anonymous - Corona, California
What has happened to this little town is amazing, not because of the talent and hard work of its people, but because taxes, government corruption, bandits and drug lords seem to have left it alone. Mexico has many potentially brilliant artists and business people who can barely feed themselves and would like to flee the country. This town has given many a seed of hope, but will its government pluck the flower that grows from the seed? Vincente Fox tells the people to go north and make money. I lived 11 years on the Texas/Mexican border and saw much talent wasted. It's very sad.


Anonymous Great show. It brought a tear to my eye to hear the thankful song for Juan the Teacher.

Mayra Murillo - Lynwood, California
It has always been my belief that art should be appreciated and given its proper place in society, no matter where it comes from and that any support given to fledgling artists is a must.


Steven Machado - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mata Ortiz is a wonderful story of success. The people need to be taught how to succeed and handle this success. If the city bases itself in its community and not in materialism, they can survive. If not they had better start building more treatment centers.

The man Juan Quezada is a good man and the small world we live in can't have enough of them. Only time will tell if this is a curse or a blessing. I hope a blessing!

PBS keep up all your hard work and help remove the "veil of mystery" from THIS small planet.

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