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FRONTLINE/World explores the impact of television on a remote Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. After centuries of self-imposed isolation, Bhutan legalized TV in 1999 -- the last country in the world to do so. Follow Rinzy Dorji, the local "cable guy," as he hooks up "an electronic invasion." read more

Perspectives From Bhutan

Journey to the Hidden Kingdom
"When I heard the news that the tube had fizzed to life in Bhutan," writes Alexis Bloom, co-producer of "The Last Place," "I knew the kingdom was on the verge of irrevocable change. Could MTV and Buddhism make comfortable bedfellows?"

What’s On in Bhutan
Bhutan's most-watched cable channels.

Gross National Happiness
Orville Schell, a longtime Asia observer and the author of Virtual Tibet, returns to Bhutan to examine the cultural effects of television and the Internet on the Buddhist kingdom.

Bhutan’s Busiest Cable Guy
FRONTLINE/World's interview with Rinzy Dorji, co-owner and operator of Sigma Cable, Bhutan's largest cable-TV provider.

A Parent’s View
A letter to the editor published in Bhutan’s only newspaper, Kuensel, on the costs and benefits of television's arrival.