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GUATEMALA/MEXICO, Coffee Country, May 2003

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Cappucino was created by the Italians after 17th-century priest Marco d'Aviano rallied Christian armies to drive the Ottoman Turks from Vienna in 1683. The Turks left their infamously bitter coffee behind, to which the Italians added milk.

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As a worldwide glut of coffee beans forces Central American farmers and their families off their land, FRONTLINE/World's Sam Quinones follows a group of gourmet coffee importers who advocate "fair trade" as a partial solution to the crisis. He meets tasters, buyers and indigenous farmers in remote coffee-growing regions.
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Interview With Sam Quinones: Covering Coffee Country

Before embarking on a two-week trip through Guatemala and Mexico, he was a fair-trade skeptic who didn't drink coffee. Read what FRONTLINE/World reporter Sam Quinones took away from the "Coffee Country" story.

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