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INDIA - The Sex Workers, June 2004

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India, with 40 percent of the world's poor, adds 16 million people to its population every year.

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Learn more about the global spread of HIV/AIDS, India's health-care crisis and blogs by people living with HIV/AIDS in Bombay. read more

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The Story
Men looking into doorway in red light district - Photographer: Jon Veleas

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Video Length: 21:50

FRONTLINE/World producer Raney Aronson reports from the coming epicenter of the AIDS epidemic as sex workers and their clients struggle to contain the crisis. In cities rife with sex trafficking, where more than half of people are infected with HIV, can their fight help keep the disease from exploding?
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Interview With Raney Aronson: Red-Light Reporting

FRONTLINE/World reporter/producer Raney Aronson shares her thoughts on filming at night in brothels and on the streets of Calcutta.

Read a discussion with Aronson about covering India's red-light districts and confronting the AIDS epidemic in this archived chat on

Mapping AIDS

Little girl - Photographer: Jon Veleas
Photos courtesy Jon Veleas