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IRAN - Forbidden Iran, January 2004

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More than 70 percent of Iranians are under the age of 30.

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A monument in Tehran

"Forbidden Iran" is a
Hardcash Productions film
and Channel 4

The Story
Reporter Jane Kokan shoots an archeological site

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Video Length: 24:04

A harrowing report from inside Iran, where FRONTLINE/World reporter Jane Kokan risks her life to secretly film shocking evidence of the torture and murder of students and journalists opposed to the regime. Kokan, in disguise, escapes the constant surveillance of Iranian authorities to interview underground and jailed activists.
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Interview With Jane Kokan: Undercover With the Underground

FRONTLINE/World reporter Jane Kokan talks about clandestinely filming the story that got her colleague beaten to death.

Interview With Nobel Prize Winner Shirin Ebadi
The Iranian human rights lawyer talks about courage, change and the fight for justice.

Read a discussion with FRONTLINE/World reporter Jane Kokan about "Forbidden Iran"


The Struggle for Democracy: A Brief History of Protest and Change

Detail of a poster hanging in the streets of Tehran