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LEBANON, Party of God, May 2003

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Lebanon's main trading partners are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and the United States.

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Ruins at Baalbek

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Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah

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As international pressure mounts for Syrian troops to leave Lebanon, Hezbollah, the radical Islamic movement armed and funded by Syria and Iran, has rallied its followers in Lebanon to defend Syria's continued military presence in the country. Before the latest upheavals in Lebanon, FRONTLINE/World reporter David Lewis traveled there to find Hezbollah, and understand why it has become such a potent force in Lebanese politics.
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Interview With David Lewis: Negotiating with Hezbollah
correspondent David Lewis had to negotiate for access -- then stand his ground -- in order to document what he calls "the different faces" of Hezbollah.

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Bullets to Ballot Box: A History of Hezbollah

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