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STORIES FROM A SMALL PLANET - Aired on PBS March 27. 2007

War of Ideas

In the fourth hour of News War, FRONTLINE/World reporter Greg Barker travels to the Middle East to examine the rise of Arab satellite TV channels and their impact on the "war of ideas" at a time of convulsive change and conflict in the region. His report focuses on the growing influence of Al Jazeera, and the controversy around the recent launch of Al Jazeera English, which U.S. satellite and cable companies have declined to carry. Barker also visits the "war room" of the State Department's Rapid Response Unit, which monitors Arab media 24 hours a day, and meets with U.S. military officers whose mission is to engage the Arab news channels in debate.

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At a time when fair and accurate news coverage is more essential than ever, 2006 marked one of the deadliest years on record for journalists. Surprisingly, despite the fierce fighting in Iraq, most of the slain journalists did not die in combat. They were deliberately targeted, hunted down, and murdered for investigating corruption, crime, or human rights abuses in countries around the world. In Requiem, FRONTLINE/World essayist Sheila Coronel looks at the dangers journalists confront as they try to tell their stories and pays special tribute to reporters working in the Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Zimbabwe, China and Iraq who have been killed, jailed, or exiled for daring to speak truth to power.

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The Guardian 'Unlimited': A profile and interviews with a British newspaper that answers to its audience not its shareholders

Alan Rusbridger may be one of the most envied newspaper editors in the world. As the editor of Britain's Guardian newspaper, Rusbridger doesn't have to pander to interfering publishers or profit-obsessed investors. His paper is run by a trust, and could be a model of the future for the beleaguered newspaper industry in the U.S.

South Korea: Everbody's A Journalist

The story of OhmyNews


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