Paraguay - Sounds of Hope

SLIDESHOW Lives Touched by Music

"The Gancheros" -- Life at the City Dump

In words and pictures, travel from the shantytowns and orphanages of the capital to Paraguay’s remote villages to see some of the communities being transformed by music.
-- By Monica Lam and Marissa Aroy

On the outskirts of the capital city, Asunción, is a sight common in many poor Latin American countries: an open landfill where trucks unload garbage right next to people who are picking through the trash. There's no official recycling program in Paraguay, but the city's poorest have found a way to eke out a living by trading recyclable materials. These "gancheros," or "gleaners," have built a shantytown around the landfill, where they live in plywood shacks without permits, official sanction or running water. The whole area is called Cateura and, except for the constant scent of trash, has a lively neighborhood culture of its own.

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