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ROMANIA - My Old Haunts, October, 2002

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Did You Know? The wild Carapthian Mountains of Romania, one of the poorest countries in Europe, are home to 60 percent of Europe's bears and 40 percent of the continent's wolves.

Links and Resources: Learn about Romania's persecuted Roma (Gypsy) people, see archival footage of the last hours of Romania's dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, and more.

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Video Length: 19:14

Writer and NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu returns to his homeland, Romania, 13 years after the revolution that brought down dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. FRONTLINE/World explores a nation struggling with its new freedoms -- and hoping to attract tourists with the legend of Dracula.
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Interview With Andre Codrescu:  On the road in Romania.  Andrei Codrescu talks about vampires, gypsies, spies and the country he describes as "hodegepodge, improvised, wild, dangerous and possible fun."

Cross above Nicolae Ceausescu's GraveTales of Dracula
Follow the metamorphosis of an icon, from ancient Romanian warrior to theme-park kitsch. Take our interactive vampire quiz and watch the fangs grow.

Witness to History
One small, remote village holds clues to Romania's terrible past under Nazi and communist rule. See an exclusive diary from a witness to the fate of Hungarian Jews and read about Elie Wiesel's return to Romania.

Reporter's Notebook: House of Tudor
Jason Cohn, producer of "My Old Haunts," spends a lively afternoon with the ultra-nationalist presidential candidate who says Romania "can only be ruled with a machine gun."