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SPAIN - The Lawless Sea, January 2004

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The Story
The Prestige sinking into the sea

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Video Length: 19:49

In November 2002, an aging oil tanker sank off the coast of Spain, causing one of Europe's worst environmental disasters. FRONTLINE/World reporter Mark Schapiro investigates what went wrong with the Prestige and uncovers a largely unregulated maritime system that offers few safeguards against environmental disasters.
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Interview With Mark Schapiro: Troubled Waters

FRONTLINE/World reporter Mark Schapiro talks about the world of international shipping and how he uncovered inside documents that helped him penetrate a secretive global industry.

The Paper Trail: Examining the Case of the Prestige
Read a fax from Captain Esfraitos Kostazos to the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) about the Prestige's condition and a response from ABS about their role in the case.

Hiding Behind the Flag.Environmental disasters, labor conflict, piracy and the threat of terrorism. Five flags that reveal a maritime system full of risks. GO
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