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Ukraine - A Murder in Kyiv

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Learn more about the ancient and modern history of Ukraine, including the worst nuclear accident in history.

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Follow these links to Ukraine media and blogs, and learn more about the murder of Georgy Gongadze. read more

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poster from the orange revolution
The Story
slain journalist Georgy Gongadze

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Video Length: 21:12

Slain journalist, Georgy Gongadze.

It was just a year ago, in November 2004, when hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians poured into Kyiv's Independence Square in what became known as the Orange Revolution. They chanted and sang in subzero temperatures, waving their orange banners, protesting a fraudulent election and trying to force democratic change in the former Soviet republic.
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Links & Resources

While filming in Ukraine, reporter Brian Knappenberger took his camera out on the streets of Kyiv, where he spoke with ordinary Ukrainians about life and politics after the Orange Revolution. read more


Protestors during the Orange Revolution, November 2004

An Interview With Olena Prytula
Georgy Gongadze's close friend and editorial colleague talks about the night he disappeared, the importance of solving his murder, and why she considers the online paper they co-founded to be a monument to him.

An Interview With Yevhen Glebovisky
One of Ukraine's top TV journalists, and a longtime friend of Georgy Gongadze's, discusses what it's like to be a reporter in Ukraine today and offers his assessment of the Orange Revolution on its first anniversary.

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Ivanna Bilych
Houston, TX

Excellent work! Thank you for bringing people's attention to such stories.
Maybe in the future it will be chapter 3, when the officials have more answers and the people who ordered and executed the crime are brought to justice.

Also, it was good to see the correct spelling of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Iryna Yasinska Graves
Towson, Maryland

It is with great anticipation that I awaited your broadcast. Knowing Myroslava and her children since they have been in the U.S. has made me acutely aware of their insurmountable pain over their loss. Myrosia's determination to seek justice for her husband regardless of the pitfalls that she has encountered is amazing.

Your broadcast was a wonderful insight into part of the process she has gone through. I hope and pray that her efforts bear fruit -- that those who brutally murdered Georgi and those who ordered his murder are brought to justice! No one in Ukraine is above the law -- let us hope that the promise President Yushchenko made to bring to justice ALL those responsible for this brutality is kept. The program was informative, detailed and honest. Thank you.

Andrew Fylypovych
Philadelphia, PA

Your Web pages on the Gongadze issue are superb as was your broadcast, which aired last night on PBS. But why was there essentially no advance notice and no information on any site that this program was going to air? The lack of information almost seemed conspiratorial. Parenthetically, I also like your piece on Newmont Mining. And from a purely technical point of view, the style of presentation, which allows viewers to hear the original foreign language, adds a very real dimension to the video.

Reno Domenico
Pine Hill, NJ

Great report! Gongadze has truly haunted Kuchma.

Keep in mind that the real goal of the Orange Revolution was not so much to elect Yushchenko. The real goal was to get rid of a murdering gangster regime. A democratic government can always be fixed.

While viewing this video I was amazed at how corrupt governmental officials could behave. I think that this story will cause the murder case to be solved faster. The fact that Georgy Gongadze widow revisited Ukraine to try and solve his murder is a step towards a government in Ukraine that is not corrupt in any way.

Haley L
Allen, TX

This was a very interesting and eye-opening story. It can help Americans realize how much we take our democratic government for granted. Even with thousands of murders like the Gongadze case, the Ukranian people continue to struggle in their efforts to stop corrupt officials. Hopefully Georgy Gongadze's story can help the people of the Orange Revolution bring reform to the country.

Washington, DC
A truly excellent program! I felt that you brought forth the human element that continues to exist in this tragedy while blending background with current developments. Please continue to bring us updates on the Gongadze case as well as other developments in Ukraine.

Los Angeles, CA
Stories like yours keep the pressure on the Ukrainian government to investigate and prosecute corruption and cronyism. Great job! Now train your cameras on Washington.

Michael Tepera
College Station, TX

Fantastic story. It was gut-wrenching to watch Gongadze's widow travel to the place where he was murdered and buried. Your story leaves me pessimistic that those responsible for his death will be brought to justice.

peter voitsekhovsky
college park, MD

It is extremely commendable that PBS has undertaken this project and released it now. The Gongadze case has entangled such high-level political interests in such sinister ways that, until its mystery gets fully resolved, Ukraine will remain a hostage of her post-Soviet legacies. So this story is crucial for understanding Ukraine's present and future. The film features some unique material and casts light on important developments in today's Ukraine. But it also leaves a sense of regret that this material has not been exploited to its full potential in the film. It says nearly as much as one can possibly say in less than 20 minutes. But it certainly calls for a follow-up, perhaps with a broadened context. Since Ukraine drew the world's attention a year ago, it has also prompted a multitude of comments, often shallow and inaccurate. This project has started saying something very profound. Please articulate it further.

Zorislav Baydyuk
Washington, DC

Very well done. We hope to see more about Gongadze case as it progresses.

Oksana Kuzyszyn
Fords, NJ

Congratulations for an excellent presentation! I hope you will continue to report on important developments in Ukraine.

Morristown, NJ
Excellent story. I found it by surfing the channels. Good to see that nobody in the Ukrainian government objected to the cameras.

Volodymyr Baranetsky
Maplewood, NJ

Excellent, well-balanced presentation.

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