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Red Grooms
“at the top level of that great generation” that includes de Kooning, Kline and Rothko. Grooms featured Hofmann’s likeness in a series of portraits of great modern artists.

Later that decade, Grooms began experimenting with performance, gaining notoriety for his “Happenings:” unstructured live art events that were equal parts vaudeville, Keystone Kop caper and circus act.

While in Provincetown, Grooms met experimental animation pioneer and gallery owner Yvonne Anderson, with whom he collaborated on a several short films including, Spaghetti Trouble (1963) Fat Feet (1966) and Meow Meow (1970) (1959), Many of the characters and scenarios he created in his Happenings reemerged in these films: most notably, his free-spirited, trouble-making anarchist character, “Ruckus.” In his prolific career, Grooms has made over a dozen short films, often with filmmaker Rudy Burckhardt. (continued)

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“There was always this line about Hofmann that he was a better teacher than
artist but I don't think that's true. He really was a great painter.” -Red Grooms
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