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Red Grooms
By the 1960s, Grooms was creating the lively, mixed-media self-named “sculpto-pictoramas,” and installations for which he became known. Populated with colorful characters of every ethnicity, age and walk of life, Grooms’ cityscapes capture the vibrant and often chaotic energy of modern metropolitan life. His major installations, The City of Chicago (1967), and Ruckus Manhattan (1975/76) captured the imaginations of thousands of viewers. After Ruckus Manhattan , a turning point in his career, Grooms dedicated himself to New York Stories, a series of prints and sculptural tableaux that were an homage to the city. Although deeply rooted in American culture, Grooms' work conveys a sense of humor and an appreciation of human nature that is universally understood. He has exhibited extensively in the United States, Europe and Japan and is represented in the collections of The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; The Metropolitan Museum; The Museum of Modern Art; The Art Institute of Chicago; The Brooklyn Museum; The Denver (continued)

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“There was always this line about Hofmann that he was a better teacher than
artist but I don't think that's true. He really was a great painter.” -Red Grooms
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