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Before Viewing

  1. Discuss with students the idea of devoting one's life to a cause. What influences might lead a person to do that? What sacrifices might such a commitment cause in one's personal life? Ask the student to discuss what issues or causes they would be willing to make such a commitment to? What sacrifices, if any, have students or their families made to stand up for their beliefs or principles? [Harry T. Moore's Bio]

  2. Lead students into a discussion of lynching in the South. Why do they think lynchings occurred, and what effects do they think lynchings had on the African American population? [Lynching, Claude Neal, Willie James Howard]

  3. This film deals with a number of violent acts committed by the Ku Klux Klan. Ask students to discuss what they already know about the Klan and its modern day equivalents, such as skinheads or neo-Nazi groups. Why do students think people join such groups? What influences would lead a person to have those kinds of feelings toward blacks and other minorities? [Florida Terror, KKK in Florida]

  4. Ask students to talk about hates crimes they are aware of. What do they think motivates the perpetrators of these crimes? [Florida Terror, Timeline]

  5. Explain to students that the subject of this film, Harry T. Moore, fought to equalize educational opportunities for blacks in the 1930s and 1940s. Ask students to imagine how different life might have been for students their age, both white and black, in the 1930s, 40s, or 50s before the integration of public schools? [Harry T. Moore Bio, Selected Letters]

  6. Ask students to define martyrdom. What martyrs are students familiar with, and how do they think martyrs have contributed to the advancement of particular causes? What principles or causes, if any, would students be willing to die for? [Harry T. Moore Bio, Timeline]

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