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The Legacy of Harry T. Moore
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1. The NAACP attorney who worked with Harry T. Moore on civil rights cases, including the Groveland rape case, was:
a. Medgar Evers
b. Johnnie Cochran
c. Thurgood Marshall
d. A. Philip Randolph
2. Sheriff Willis McCall was accused of doing what to two of the Groveland defendants:
a. shooting them in an alleged escape attempt
b. arresting them for assaulting a police officer
c. testifying on their behalf that they were innocent
d. beating them up
e. none of the above
3. What makes the Harry T. Moore case unique is:
a. he was the first NAACP official killed
b. he and his wife, Harriette, were the only husband and wife to give their lives in the civil rights effort.
c. he was killed because he was a civil rights leader, not just because he was black
d. all of the above
4. Some of the most important years of Harry Moore's youth were spent:
a. studying poetry in Harlem with Langston Hughes
b. picking oranges on his father's citrus grove
c. living with his three aunts in Jacksonville
d. serving in the U.S. Army in World War II.
5. In the Groveland case, four black youths were charged with:
a. raping a white woman
b. starting a race riot in Groveland
c. attacking a white sheriff
d. wolf whistling at a white girl
6. In 1951, the KKK set off so many dynamite bombs in Florida that the press called it:
a. Armageddon
b. The Florida Terror
c. white backlash
d. a travesty of justice
7. Evangeline Morre, Harry's youngest daughter, may have been one of the last people in the world to learn about the Moore bombing, because:
a. she was away at college
b. her mother didn't tell her, wanting to protect her
c. the FBI refused to tell her
d. she was riding a train from Washington D.C. to Florida
8. The number of new black voters that Harry T. Moore registered in the Democratic Party was:
a. 5000
b. 500,000
c. 100,000
d. 1 million
9. In 1946, when an aide to Florida Governor Millard Caldwell wrote to a Brevard County official, asking him to "give me the dope" on Harry Moore, the official replied that Moore was:
a. a negro organizer and troublemaker
b. a political hack
c. an outstanding educator
d. a role model for young blacks
10. Because of its dominance in Florida politics, Harry Moore urged blacks to register in:
a. the electoral college
b. the Democratic Party
c. the Republican Party
d. the Reform Party
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