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In the Balance: BioAttack and City Under Siege challenges panelists to respond to the crisis of a hypothetical terrorist attack and its aftermath.

Now you have the opportunity to examine how you would respond to a similar scenario.

This interactive puts you in the hot seat, immersing you in a hypothetical scenario where terrorism threatens innocent lives and compels you to act. You must make difficult decisions with incomplete information. As you proceed through the scenario, reflect upon the ethical issues raised by the alternative choices:

  • How do we balance the demands of security with the blessings of liberty?
  • How do we target terrorists without compromising the rights of innocent individuals?
  • When the rights of individuals conflict with the common good, which should take precedence?

As you will quickly discover, making these choices requires as much ethical self-scrutiny as it does logistical planning.


Imagine that you have the power to authorize torture for use exclusively in cases where a suspect seems to have information to foil an imminent bomb attack. Would you authorize torture?

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You must decide whether to quarantine a neighborhood to stop a mysterious deadly illness from devastating a region. Would you do it?

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