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Meet the Students - South Africans

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David, 15 years oldWatch a video.
Video clip for 56k modem Video clip for DSL modem Get the Real Media Plug-in. David, 15 years old, Afrikaner (Claremount, South Africa)---David grew up on farms and is very knowledgeable about Afrikaner history. He is concerned that his culture is declining. "When I started school, people spoke Afrikaans and struggled with English; now it is just the opposite." David is in the middle of his junior year of high school and hopes to go on to study law and art in college.

Lebo 17 years old
Lebo 17 years old, Zulu/Tswana (Alexandra, South Africa)---Lebo has a friend who lost his mother in a car bomb incident during the struggle in South Africa. Her mother is Zulu, her father is Tswana; and both parents are artists. Lebo will be attending the University of Capetown in the fall.

Samora, 17 years old

Samora, 17 years old, Xhosa (Gugulethu, South Africa)---Samora lives in Gugulethu, the same neighborhood as one of the youths convicted of the Amy Biehl murder. He was in the 12th grade during the documentary shoot. He developed the Rainbow Youth Group and participated in the Peace Jam program on Robben Island with Archbishop Tutu. Samora is now working for the Amy Biehl Foundation in Capetown as a counselor and attends night school where he is studying Human Resource Development.