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Meet the Students -Senegalese

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Oumou, 17 yrars old
Video clip for 56k modem Video clip for DSL modem Oumou (Goree, Senegal)– "I have always lived in Goree where I was born. I did my elementary studies at Leopold Angrand primary school from 1984 to 1990. When I got my Certificate of Primary and Elementary Studies, I went to Abbe Arsene Fridoil middle school where I had my Certificate of Intermediate Studies after four years spent there. In 1994, I went to Lamine Gueye high school and after three years there, I had my High School Diploma in 1997. I have spent one year at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. Along with that, I am training in accounting at Saint Michel College (CSM). I have also had training in computer science at "Goree Institute."

Georges, 18 years old
Video clip for 56k modem Video clip for DSL modem Georges, 18 years old, Lebanese Heritage (Dakar, Senegal)-–"I was born in Dakar, Senegal on June 4, 1980, of Lebanese father and mother. I was born in a modern and conservative family. I grew up with three sisters who are much older than I am, and they helped me tremendously. I am the youngest, of the family. I am sitting for my high school diploma this year, and I hope to succeed. Later on, I would like to work in the building trades (as a master builder, an architect, or a civil engineer). I practice sports. I especially like motorcycles (I adore speed), but what I cannot stand is hypocrisy."

Aicha, 24 years old

Aicha, 24 years old (Goree Island, Senegal)–"I was born on May 31, 1974 of a polygamous marriage and I am the eldest child of my mother who originates from Saint-Louis (Senegal). I have many brothers and sisters with whom I get along well. Goree Island has many advantages but there are also some difficulties. I have already graduated from high school and now, I am in my second year at a private vocational school in Dakar to have the Certificate of High Technician in Software."