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Drinking and Driving

Being a Friend
Stepping in and stopping a friend who's impaired from driving is a true sign of friendship. 

  • If one of your friends has been drinking and shouldn't drive, please don't let them. They could hurt themselves or others and maybe just a little persuasion from you could mean the difference between life and death. 

  • Suggest that you or a sober friend drive your alcohol-impaired friend home. His/her car can always be picked up at another time.

  • Suggest that your impaired friend stay overnight in your home. This may sound inconvenient, but you could be saving your friend's, or someone else's life.

  • Have your friend taken home in a taxi. Pay for the ride yourself. It's hard to object to a free ride.

  • Whatever you do, don't give in. Friends don't let friends drink and then drive. In the morning, you'll have a safer and maybe an even closer friend.