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The following are comments from some of the key players in the documentary and reflections by a group of college students at St. Anselm College after a presentation of Just One Night.

Judge Edwin Kelly
Tom Boyle
The Colgan Family
Prosecutor John Stephen
Student Reactions

Judge Edwin W.Kelly 
Administrative Judge of the NH District Court:
“We are trying to establish in as many courts as we can  a panel of people from the community.  The young offenders will view the tape of Just One Night and then spend several evenings with people on the panel – including their parents, members of victim's groups, community providers/counselors, and law enforcement officers.

Given the huge number of kids in courts who are involved in the use and abuse of substances, I have a concern that there is no clear understanding of the consequences of their actions.  This program offers a clear chance to see the consequence.   This is very different form the old scared straight approach. 

My hope is that we don't have the sort of revolving door that we have now in substance abuse cases.   Most offenders now plead guilty, pay a fine and leave.  And that's it.   I hope this gives the young people an opportunity for some insight – and not just a delay in their schedule and a slight crimp on their bank account.”

Tom Boyle:
“The response to the program has been an absolute surprise.  Many people have said that I've had an impact on them – which is what I hope. 

People need to be aware that what happened to me can happen to you. I had never thought about impaired driving as an issue – in my youth, it wasn't a debate.  Now I know.  Life really is about choices, and I hope this program can be some help toward saving lives in the streets.  Everyone's got to give a small push.  Its the least I can do.”

The Colgan Family:
 Brian Colgan was the passenger who died when Tom Boyle crashed his car into a Concord city snow plow.  His parents, Phil and Marilyn Colgan, are now raising Mathew, Brian's son.  Here are some of their comments about Just One Night:

Phil Colgan:
 “At the beginning in 1997, Trooper Rod Forey came to the house and informed us about the plan for Tom’s presentations.  We were in agreement right away.  I went to three of the assemblies for Tom’s talk.  We were very impressed with the results.  Now that it’s a television program, if it can save a life – or a thousand – then that's the thing we'd like to see.”

Marilyn Colgan:
 “My grandson Matt – Brian’s son – is in 4th grade.  He has asked his teacher to borrow the film and present Just One Night to the class.  The teacher called – thought it might be too old for the class – but Matt is pushing this – and they'll show it.”