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tom boyleFebruary17, 1994 started out as a good day for Tom Boyle. He was on the vergeof making a multimillion dollar deal for his company, and was looking forwardto going home the next day to his family in Vermont. 

Tom wasn't a heavy drinker,but as the day wore into night, he decided to have a few beers with somefriends, and later, a few beers more with some strangers he met in a barin Concord. That's the last thing he remembers about that night.

Tom's next memory beingrolled along on a hospital gurney. A state trooper informed him that he,Tom Boyle family man and successful businessman, had just killed hispassenger by driving into a Concord snowplow at 100 miles per hour. Tom'simmediate response? He didn't know anyone was in the car. 

At his trial, he was sentencedto 4-8 years for manslaughter a sentence he is still serving. He hasalso taken seriously the notion of paying a debt to society. For the pastfew months has been telling his story to large groups of students at schoolsand colleges. 

This is a story of makingall the right decisions in life, save one and losing everything. Andall in Just One Night.
To order a copy of JustOne Night, visit http://gpn.unl.edu/default.asp or call 800-228-4630. New Hampshire residents may also place an order by calling New Hampshire Public Television at 800-206-4788.

JustOne Night is a production of  New Hampshire Public Television,made possible in part by funding from The New Hampshire Bar Foundation,The Fuller Foundation, and The New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency. 
JustOne Night was the recipient of the 1999 NH Bar Association Award andhas been nominated for a New England Emmy Award.