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Drinking and Driving
Teens and Drinking
What do teens think about drinking?  The answers may surprise you. Check out the facts, and then let us know what you think.
  • 56% of students in grades 5 to 12 say that alcohol advertising encourages them to drink.
Teens and Drinking
Do you think alcohol advertising encourages teens to drink?
-not sure

Current Results
  • 2.6 million teenagers did not know you could die from an overdose. 

  • Of the 20 million junior and senior high school students in America, half of them report drinking on a monthly basis.


Although a majority of parents believe peer pressure to be the primary reason teen-agers drink or use drugs, teens say: 

79% - being drunk/high feels good 

67% - helps to forget problems 

66% - others do it (peer pressure) 

47% - nothing else to do 

Teens and Drinking
What do you think is the primary reason teens drink?
- being drunk/high feels good
- helps to forget problems
- others do it (peer pressure)
- nothing else to do

Current Results
  • A study of ninth grade students from four urban high schools showed that the best  predictor of risky sexual behavior was alcohol and/or drug use. 

  • In 1993, 67% of 8th graders had tried alcohol. 

  • A 1990 survey of Massachusetts 16- to19-year-olds found that 49% were more likely to have sex if their partner had been drinking. 
Source: Mothers Against Drunk Driving