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  teacher on blackboard Teaching: 27 seconds
In this typical Chinese classroom at the Suzhou Experimental Primary School, children learn in a big group and pay close attention to the teacher.

girl plays instrement Palace 1: 90 seconds
At the Children's Palace in Beijing, delegates saw some of the city's most talented children perform traditional Chinese music and dance.

caligraphy Palace 2: 50 seconds
At the Children's Palace in Beijing, these 5 to 17-year-old children practice calligraphy and art. Delegates were impressed with the quality and precision of the work.

playing piano Kindergarten: 1 min, 21 seconds
At this boarding kindergarten in Shanghai, these young children live at school from Monday to Friday, and only see their parents on the weekend.

dancers in hats Dance: 1 min, 34 seconds
At the Great Hall of the People in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, delegates watched these 3 to 5-year olds perform colorful and highly-choreographed dances.

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