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  As a parent and an advocate of early childhood education, Washington State First Lady Mona Lee Locke recently embarked on a project close to her heart: encouraging a cross-cultural exchange on early education by leading a delegation of 60 U.S. teachers to China. KCTS-Seattle producer Susan Han and videographer Valerie Vozza document the 10-day visit in Precious Children, a one-hour presentation that reveals how this nation of 1.2 billion people is preparing its children for the future. Learn more about the documentary.  

  China at a Glance
child A map of the cities in China the delegation visited, background information and statistics on China and an article on China's history and culture by Precious Children producer Susan Han.

Early Education in China
Articles on early education and childcare in China.

Diversity in the Classroom
child raises hand Activities and teaching methods for parents and educators to promote racial awareness, deal with insensitivity, teach kids to resist bias, celebrate different holidays, talk about linguistic and cultural diversity, and help children learn responsible behavior.

About the Show
Snapshots from the trip to China, the production team, information about the delegates and video clips from the TV show.

Links to Web sites on China, early learning and adoption, and recommended books and articles on early education and China.

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