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Related Links

China trials show danger of dissent (at
In August 2006, a blind human rights activist was sentenced to over four years in prison. This report from the BBC covers several recent cases of human rights abuses in China.

Inside Tibet (at
In a special report, the BBC explores Tibet, including the dispute over Tibet's borders and the impact of the massive influx of Han Chinese to the region.

Beijing wary as religion flourishes in China (at
The Chinese government estimates that there are more Catholics in China than there are in Ireland. On NPR's Talk of the Nation, an expert on Chinese Catholicism explains how religion threatens the Communist Party.

"China: silenced" (at
When an American reporter met discreetly with a Uighur man in a Muslim region of China, disaster resulted. Find out more from this report from FRONTLINE/World.

Government control over China's economy (at
In its series China On the Rise, the Lehrer NewsHour covered how censorship hobbles innovation in business.

China Digital Times (at
China Digital Times (CDT) is a news site based in the U.S. that tracks Chinese news -- without censorship. It was founded by MacArthur fellow Xiao Qiang, an astrophysicist who became a full-time human rights activist after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989.

Reporters Without Borders -- China (at
Reporters Without Borders advocates for press freedom in countries around the world. Its Asia site covers everything from the imprisonment and release of Chinese journalists to the banning of Wikipedia in China.

FRONTLINE: Dreams of Tibet (at
This Web site from FRONTLINE includes interviews with China expert Orville Schell, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, actor Richard Gere, and filmmaker Martin Scorsese as well as information on Tibetan Buddhism.

FRONTLINE: Tankman (at
Watch the FRONTLINE documentary "Tankman" at this site for an investigation of what might have happened to the iconic everyman who confronted tanks after the Tianamen demonstrations. The site includes information on China's internet censorship.

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