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Originally broadcast on April 2 and 9, 2008.
(check local listings for repeat airings)

The Amazon is the most powerful of the world's rivers, and its rapid transformation will alter the global climate. Emptying into the great Atlantic Ocean, it flows through the world's largest tropical rainforest, the vast, natural theater where evolution has gone wild, creating the greatest biodiversity of any area on the planet.

Twenty-five years ago, Jean-Michel Cousteau explored this fabled region with his father, the legendary Jacques Cousteau. Since then, an area the size of Texas has been deforested. This is a region of urgency and conflict, where human enterprise and expansion not only compromise the health and ecology of the river and rainforest basin but also inflict consequences on a global scale. Yet, as the Ocean Adventures team witnesses in this intimate exploration, new beacons of hope and sustainability are emerging from the Amazon as the fight for the future of the region unfolds.

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