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Voyage to Kure: Expedition Diaries

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

The Ocean Adventures team has opened up their collective journal, kept throughout the expedition, to share with the public their thoughts and experiences along the way. Read through the excerpted entries below to learn about daily life aboard the Searcher and find out what individual team members found most inspiring and encouraging, what they found frustrating and challenging, and what was just downright funny.

Expedition Diaries

Goals for the Expedition

Day 1: First Day at Sea
Location: In Transit to Mokumanamana
Team member: Holly Lohuis

Days 6-7: Birds Everywhere
Location: Tern Island
Team member: Dr. Elizabeth Flint

Day 9: In the Swing of Things
Location: Rapture Reef
Team member: Matt Ferraro

Day 12: Threats to the NWHI
Location: Maro Reef
Team member: Jean-Michel Cousteau

Day 13: Saving Fluffy
Location: Laysan Island
Team member: Mike Westgate

Day 17: Coral Bleaching
Location: Pearl and Hermes Atoll
Team member: Dr. Jim Maragos

Day 18: HD Technology Underwater
Location: Pearl and Hermes Atoll
Team member: Mark Gerasimenko

Day 19: Growing Up in the NWHI
Location: Midway Island
Featuring: Bailey and Tanzie Bodeen

Day 20: Success ... and Sharks!
Location: Kure Atoll
Team member: Blair Mott

Day 27: Filming Sharks
Location: Maro Reef
Team member: Yves Lefevre

Day 30: Expedition Reflections
Location: Nihoa Island
Team member: Paul Atkins

Conclusion: Final Thoughts
Various team members