Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
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Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers

Mia French has a masters degree in special education with a certificate in EDLD K-12. She has taught in Fairfax County Public Schools, VA where she provided self-contained and resource level support.

Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
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Article 3:
Self Esteem and Children Who Struggle With Reading

Imagine getting up each day to go to a job in which you felt incompetent and unsuccessful. A job in which you struggled every day to meet basic goals, in which you felt incapable amongst your coworkers, and your boss gave you constant feedback that your performance was sub-par.

Most adults would flee such a negative work environment, but children have no alternative but to continue being employed in the work of learning how to read.

"Struggling to learn how to read can be emotionally as well as mentally exhausting."

Learning how to read is truly important work. And while you share with your child or student the value of and an appreciation for reading, it is also important to be explicit in conveying an appreciation for the intensity of his or everyday struggle to become a reader and for his or her worth as a person.

Many children with learning differences do constant battle with frustration, anger, and defeatism. Struggling to learn how to read can be emotionally as well as mentally exhausting. It’s a struggle that can affect almost every aspect of a child’s school experience, from academics to relationships with peers, to feelings of self-worth.

Addressing a child’s negative feelings about self or school will help a child more readily reach his or her fullest potential and will also help let your child know what you have always felt – that you believe in your child and that you are his or her biggest fan.

Click here to discover what a child's "put downs" may mean and what "comebacks" you can say or do to encourage a child to keep trying.

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